Perspective, Open Your Mind.

   When we read something, we must be cautious of how we read it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a self help book, an inspired reading, a Facebook post or the Bible. If we read it looking for authors heart in it, it will carry one perspective. If we look at it from a defensive mindset, will we see it as offensive. If we read it to rebuke it, we will see only see what “we” feel is wrong in it. Our mindset, where our hearts are is where we will read it from. If we are truly open minded, if we can look upon it with a joyous heart, we may find wisdom in it. We may find a view that we had not seen before. 

   What happens in most cases is we believe what we have been taught before or what we are being taught right now and can’t see past it. We lock in to what we believe with the inability to see anything else, we have closed our minds. We look at every word with this mindset, we look at what we believe about that person and think nothing good can from what they have to say. We don’t research it, we don’t look for wisdom in it, we instantly dismiss it. We remain stuck, stagnant and lack growth in who we can be, who we are supposed to be. 

   I could write about this for days. I have been that lock down person, that close minded person. I had a hardened heart and rebuked things based on the person. 

   Here are a couple of things I made a conscious decision to do. If I feel convicted by something, I search inside myself for the reason, because they cannot convict me. If they quote something or someone and it doesn’t settle in my Spirit, I research it. I always read the whole thing, I do my best to see where their heart is in the subject, it can change my perspective. This one to me is the most important, (which I have struggled with) I don’t argue with them. This does not mean we cannot have a conversation about it. What it does mean is, I ask questions, I don’t try to prove them wrong and I try to see where they are coming from, their heart and belief.

   You cannot force anyone to believe what you believe. You cannot force anything down anyone’s throat. You cannot over power someone in conversation and force them to receive your message or understanding. If you truly approach everything and everyone with a heart of love, you may find yourself in a totally different mindset and a peace that you have never known.

Hebrews 10 TPT…

   I would like you to read this. Read it two times if you like. I used TPT because it says it so clear, but it doesn’t matter which one you use. Soak it in. 

“For if animal sacrifices could once and for all eliminate sin, they would have ceased to be offered and the worshipers would have clean consciences. Instead, once was not enough so by the repetitive sacrifices year after year, the worshipers were continually reminded of their sins, with their hearts still impure. The old system of living under the law presented us with only a faint shadow, a crude outline of the reality of the wonderful blessings to come. Even with its steady stream of sacrifices offered year after year, there still was nothing that could make our hearts perfect before God.

For what power does the blood of bulls and goats have to remove sin’s guilt? So when Jesus the Messiah came into the world he said, “Since your ultimate desire was not another animal sacrifice, you have clothed me with a body that I might offer myself instead! Multiple burnt offerings and sin-offerings cannot satisfy your justice. So I said to you, ‘God— I will be the One to go and do your will, to fulfill all that is written of me in your Word!’ ” First he said, “Multiple burnt-offerings and sin-offerings cannot satisfy your justice” (even though the law required them to be offered). And then he said, “God, I will be the One to go and do your will.” So by being the sacrifice that removes sin, he abolishes animal sacrifices and replaces that entire system with the new covenant. By God’s will we have been purified and made holy once and for all through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus, the Messiah! Yet every day priests still serve, ritually offering the same sacrifices again and again—sacrifices that can never take away sin’s guilt. But when this Priest had offered the one supreme sacrifice for sin for all time he sat down on a throne at the right hand of God, waiting until all his whispering enemies are subdued and turn into his footstool. And by his one perfect sacrifice he made us perfectly holy and complete for all time! The Holy Spirit confirms this to us by this Scripture, for the Lord says, “Afterwards, I will give them this covenant: I will embed my laws into their hearts and fasten my Word to their thoughts.” And then he says, “I will not ever again remember their sins and lawless deeds!” So if our sins have been forgiven and forgotten, why would we ever need to offer another sacrifice for sin?”

‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭10:1-18‬ ‭TPT‬‬

   Now that you have read it, I have a question… Why are you working so hard? We have been taught to “do”. Do this, do more of this, it will get you right with God. That is old covenant teaching, law! Repent, ask for forgiveness, pray to be blessed, give more money, serve to be favored. Do, do, and do some more! You don’t have to do anything. It says right there in scripture, He did it for us, for all of us. When we finally wrap our minds around what our Spirit knows, we will be free, free indeed. 

   Jesus came to do for you, from what Adam did to you. He came to wash you clean. He came to release you. What more do you think you can do to make it better? God already sees you pure and clean. It says so in scripture, no more needs to be done. You are righteous, whole and complete. One sacrifice for all! Once again scripture says so. Then why are we being taught that we must do more? 

   As you believe this, really believe this, you will find a freedom like you have never known. You will draw closer to God, the God that is already in you. As you see you as He sees you, the righteousness that He knows will manifest naturally out of you. You will do out of want instead of out of have to. You are already favored, already Holy and already forgiven.

   Read it again, now believe it!

Did He Die in Vein

You will hear many things about those who choose to not do business as usual. You may yourself look down on them, speak ill of them and call them blasphemers. Why is this? Is it because of right and wrong? Who determines this? 

   That day, on the cross, Jesus said “it is finished”. Some of us believe that. We saw and see the end of the old covenant. We see that the law was broken, it is done. But for some it is ingrained in you, that you must still follow the law, it was for me too. The working and the striving. One foot in the law, the old covenant teachings and the other in Grace. We say that Jesus came to reconcile us from the works of the law, we say He came for us all to be free, but yet we stay in that bondage. We follow this law and not that one, we say we have to do this for God’s acceptance, but can disregard that one. This is a mixed message. We read a verse out of the old covenant, that is teachings before the cross and tell each other this is the way to God. If we are still having to do those things, Jesus died for nothing! 

   What if I told you that you were born free of the law, of bondage to the law of the old covenant, until someone taught it to you. Someone told you that faith without works is dead, not that His Grace is enough, that Jesus plus nothing is enough. Someone taught you that tithing ten percent is what God wants you to do, not that you should give from your heart, that serving is showing God you love Him, not serve because you love your brothers and sisters. Someone taught you that you have to show God your faithfulness for Him to give you favor, not that truth is God is faithful even when we are faithless. Old covenant, new covenant, you don’t have to believe me, but look this up for yourself. These examples are in your Bible too, one is on one side of the cross, the other is on the other side. 

   It is not anyone faults, it was taught to them too. Years of religiosity has got them all tied up also. Religion is powerful, even those who speak out against it can’t see their own bondage to it. This included me! I had to rest in Him to see this. I had to be still, open my heart, which opened my mind to see the truth. It has been right in front of us all along. We must die to our flesh to truly see God’s Grace. As long as we stay busy, as long as we continue to servants to the law, we will not see the true meaning of what Jesus did for us all. Just take ten minutes each day, rest in Him, don’t read, don’t pray for anything, just rest in Him. Listen, hear Him, see what He is really been telling you all along. Grace was freely given, you are in the new covenant and He loves you unconditionally!

“I do not make void the grace of God, for if righteousness [be] through law — then Christ died in vain.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭2:21‬ ‭YLT1898

Where the new begins…

This may be out there for some, it may twist your mind. It will get you thinking.

“and lo, a woman, a Canaanitess, from those borders having come forth, did call to him, saying, ‘Deal kindly with me, Sir — Son of David; my daughter is miserably demonized.’ And he did not answer her a word; and his disciples having come to him, were asking him, saying — ‘Let her away, because she crieth after us;’ and he answering said, ‘I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭15:22-24‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

I researched and found that the Canaanitess people were not Israelites. They were a mix of all different nationalities. Jesus did not acknowledge her right away because she was not “ the lost sheep of the house of Israel.’”. Think about that for a second. Jesus was sent to the Israelites. Those who had been under the law. It does not mean that Jesus’s teachings are not useful or can’t teach us and influence us. What it does mean is that He is still old covenant teaching. The new did not come in until the cross! 

   As I learn and dive deeper into this, as the teaching on pure Grace flows through me, different revelations have started coming to me. I would like to share as I seek these out. I look for others to listen to, have their own and have conversations to help keep the flow going. 

  God has reveled to me that shame is one of our biggest adversaries and it keeps us distant from the fullness and wholeness He desires for us. He said to me, there are many scriptures that show this, from the Old to the New, it releases unworthiness over those whom I call. It is not God who sees us as unworthy, but our own lost identity of how we see ourselves. He would not call on you if you are unworthy! The fact that you are awakened makes you worthy! There is nothing more you need to prove, it is time to release that thorn in your side and die to your flesh, let the death of your mindset be the awakening of your true identity! Let us all feast at the table, pass on what we are hearing and seeing! We are a gift to one another, let’s start believing it and acting that way

A shot across the bow…

   Boom! There goes another one! As I was scrolling along on social media the past few days, I have been seeing a disturbing theme. It has become the new thing, but really not all that new, amongst my brothers and sisters. War has been declared and the weapon of choice, The Bible. Not the actual book it’s self, but certain words, verses and chapters, used in a misguided way. Why do I say misguided, because that is how most of us have seen them used. Most of us have been taught to battle, to go up against the evils of this world, to fight for God! You all know exactly what I’m talking about if you have spent anytime with religious mindsets. You probably even know that feeling, as someone has taken a shot at you.

   God’s word’s, what Jesus spoke and the other authors of inspired writings, are not loaded cannons waiting there for us to light the fuse. It is not okay for us to take a shot across someone’s bow to get them to submit to us. As vessels of God, our responsibility is not to battle, not to overpower and not destroy other vessels with the Word. It is not a weapon that we get to use to control or manipulate others in to our line of thinking. It’s intent was not fear, shame, blame or condemnation, but that is exactly what it has become. It is read, then it is used to pass judgement on others. The reader views it out of their perspective, out of how they were taught and then war is declared on those who do not see it their way. They have a closed mind, a hardened heart towards any other perspective. They only hear what they want to hear, see only what they want to see. If you do not submit, if you do not change to how they see it, they now point the cannons at you! They now have full intentions of destroying you. 

   I have a couple of simple questions. Do you think that this is what Jesus did? Do you think God wants us to wag war? Do you think God is so weak, that He needs you to fight for Him? 

   I believe we have one purpose, that is to use God’s words to turn people towards Jesus and then rest. The war is over, the battle was won! We keep fighting like God needs us to fight, like He can’t do it on His own. Jesus spoke love, His love and gave us guidance on how to turn those around us towards the Father. It is by being an example of that love! Nothing more! Some where someone decided that they have been given the mission, the task to do for God, not with God. Once again, is He not big enough to do it? Did He make you the sheriff to keep the law and is it His or yours you are keeping?

   These are the questions I ask myself before I respond to anything. What would Jesus do? How would Jesus answer? What are my intentions? If it is not with love, then I need to check my ego, I need to step back and rest in Him and I need to pull the fuse out of my cannon. I need to pull my cannons in, close the windows and become that vessel of peace and love. I believe that is God’s will for us, not to fire off shots at each other. 

   Think about this, if a nonbeliever is watching or a new believer is listening, how do you want to show them our amazing Father? I sure don’t want them afraid of Him, afraid to ask question or if they hear from Him, afraid to tell us what He said. Let’s practice loving each other and let’s stop fighting

Old Contract, New Covenant

   There is a truth in the body of the church today. They believe that they are walking in freedom, chains broken off and no bondage holding them down. This is the mask that they slide over their face so they can say I am free! They have much more freedom than they had before, but still not totally free from their own beliefs of religiosity. 

   Those who have been in church for any period of time are in a self induced battle. They want freedom but they believe they have to work for it. They must perform to get God’s love, His gifts and His favor. It is ingrained in them, so much so that they don’t see it. Religion is a giant blind spot for even those whom are teaching freedom and unconditional love. They are stuck in a servant mentality, a must do in order to receive. They are still in a contract with the Old Testament and attempting to be in a Covenant with the New Testament. There are great teachings and things we can pull out of the Old Testament, but it was under the law, under contract of serving. There are conditions that must be acted upon, to hear from God, to bring His presence and to have peace. You must fast to hear clearly from God. You must battle to free yourself from bondage. You have to follow blindly, for only I know God’s vision. You have to tithe in order to receive God’s favor. You must be obedient to God, to leadership in order for God’s Grace to fall upon you. I ask you this simple question, does that sound like freedom or unconditional? But it’s what you do, why, because someone whom you believe has it figured out, is telling you so. The problem is, they were taught religion, they were taught under the law. They were groomed under a contract and it is tough to break away from it. It’s not their fault, it is what has happened to so many. It doesn’t make them bad or uncaring, just lost between love and law. 

   Paul wrote of pure Grace in his teachings. He had direct revelation from Jesus, he was taught through revelation, to the new covenant. But Peter, James and John, they had trouble dividing the new with the old. If they did, how could we not see that it would be any different with us or those around us. The truth is, it’s hard to unlearn what you thought was true, what you have been guided to believe, what was taught as being righteous. 

   I know I have just jumped way out there for some. I can hear the grumbling and the walls being built. I have been dealing with it for weeks now, maybe even months. There came a moment when a shift happened, when my eyes were opened and my Spirit said YES! I am still walking this out, but God put this on my heart today. He said, after much counseling yesterday, that it was time. I feel myself about to turn that proverbial corner on to that one way street. I know this, I have never been so free, never felt love like this or been able to forgive and love like this in return. Paul, had it figured out before he left this earth. If you start in Galatians and take that journey with him, it will change your Spirit!  

   It is time to tear up the contract, make a covenant with your Father. Out with the old and in with the new! Your Daddy loves you, always has, He didn’t ask anything from you, He just does! 

   More to come… 

I welcome and live feedback. Please feel free to have conversation with me and others. We are on a journey together, let’s true unite and love! God’s blessings to you all.

Your Frequency

   We live in a do as I say not as I do society. It is evident in the government political arena, in the work place and unfortunately in the church. 

   Every two and especially every four years we see it time and time again, the mud slinging battle of who is right and who is wrong. They bash the candidate who is in office or the party that had control, so their party can get elected. They will point out what “they” are doing wrong or how it doesn’t line up with what they believe the people want. Their history only goes back so far, their blind spots are party specific and they see only what favors them. If you take a step back and look at it objectively it’s like a bad comedy that you laugh at, only because it makes you uncomfortable.

   The work place has kind of the same theme. The mentality of management has a philosophy of do what I say, not as I do. Do your job as I tell you to. Do it in a timely manner. Be perfect! Then if a fault occurs, they blame those they lead and push responsibility off on someone else. They never look at themselves, never self evaluate or see how they are leading. The speak it, but they are not a true example of it. 

   The unfortunate reality is the same mentality has encompassed the church. I’m not talking about a specific building, but the church body as a whole. We have all heard the scandals, I don’t have to list them. We have seen it from a local level, to high profile problems and issues that the news jumps all over. We also know the local stuff that gets pushed under the rug, not acknowledged or is ignored until it fades away. Just like politics, it’s never repaired it just becomes accepted. It’s never addressed or even talked about, “it is just how church is”.

   We have, well most of us have, sat in church and listened to all types of messages. We have been told to live this way, act like this and to believe that. We have been condemned, blamed and shamed. We have also been exonerated, set free and shown love. The crazy thing is, sometimes these have happened in the same day. I have personally experienced this. I have sat and cried, several times in my life, over what leadership in a church has concluded about me. I have been told “the way you are living, it’s leading you straight to Hell”. How about this one, “smoking and drinking are not Godly, you will be judged for all of it”. This one here, “I’ve been in church for years, how can your Spirit know more than my Spirit”? There are more, but these three stand out to me. Three different churches, three different leaders and three of the same mindsets, you are less than. Here is how I felt, fear, condemned and unworthy. Is this what we are supposed to be teaching? Is this what our God is doing? Is this what Jesus sacrificed for? I don’t believe so. I could get Biblical in all three, but I’ll let you do that for yourselves.

   We hear it all the time in churches, unconditional love, people over problems and forgiveness. This sounds amazing! But is it true? Is it what they are doing or just what they are saying? It is true with Jesus! It was when He walked the earth and it is still true today! He didn’t actually preach it, He did teach it, but more importantly He lived it! Jesus walked out what He spoke of. Do we question His love? Do we question His integrity? Did He practice what He taught, everyday? Now ask yourself, do you? 

   God spoke to me about this very thing. About my integrity, my intentions and my projection. He said I was born into righteousness, I am still spiritually righteous, but is that what my flesh is projecting? What frequency is my life tone? Do I resonate the same as Jesus did? Am I even close to it? God said if you speak it and don’t live it, that makes you a hypocrite. Actually He said unrighteous in the flesh, but hypocrite seems to fit. If I take, am I not a thief? If I lie, am I not a liar? If I condemn, am I not a Pharisee… woah!!! That seemed harsh, but is not that what they did? Live this way, follow the law of man, this is God’s way, His vision. But yet, they did all the things they told others not to do. Look, I have been guilty of these things. I speak to myself in these blogs as much as I try to share with whom ever reads them. 

   I believe that we must be who we speak of being. The frequency of our actions are just as important as our words. The righteousness of our flesh is important. Alignment of mind, soul and spirit will give off a tone, it carries a pure sound. Jesus’s was so strong that people flocked to Him. He wasn’t handing out pamphlets, no Facebook ads and no outreach program. But yet thousands came to Him! Think on that a moment, thousands! 

   We make the mistake of saying, “but He is God”. He wasn’t anymore than we are now. He was human, walking it out just as we are. He was teaching on Grace, maturing as He listened to the a Father and then spoke on what He saw the Father doing. His life on earth aligned with His Spirit in Heaven. His frequency was Heavenly. He brought Heaven to earth, no as a God, but as a human. We can do it too! After all Jesus is inside of us. We have the Holy Spirit guiding us, just as He did. The question then becomes for us all, am I doing what the Father is doing or am I just saying it?

I love feedback and conversation. Please comment and give feedback. I cannot grow or mature in Christ without you! Thank you and be blessed!

Pure Grace

   The circular motion of religious law is to keep you in place. It gives the appearance of freedom, but will always bring you back to its freedom with conditions. It will let you look out side the circle, but just so it can condemn the revelation of those whom seek the mysteries. The law says, the literal meaning of the Word is all there is, you must follow it in order to know God, to find salvation and to see Heaven. Grace says the opposite, it is the contradiction to law. Grace is Jesus plus nothing! All thing turn to Jesus, with His teaching there is no circle, there are no limitations. 

   When we lock in to a factual account of the literal translation of the Word, are we not limiting the Word? We say that’s it’s alive, but if we only see it how “we” believe it is written, are we putting God in a box? The truth is, yes we are! We keep Him between two book covers and freak out if someone sees something different. We don’t even want to listen to what others see or even more important what God is saying to them, through them. 

   Paul states very clearly that his teachings is not of man but by revelations.

“And I make known to you, brethren, the good news that were proclaimed by me, that it is not according to man, for neither did I from man receive it, nor was I taught [it], but through a revelation of Jesus Christ,”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭1:11-12‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

 But yet we are quick to dismiss others revelations. Why do we see them as not worthy? Do we see them as less than we are? Do we believe we are the only ones who can possibly hear from God? I believe we miss out on consistent occurrences of the revelation of Jesus, by dismissing each other. How can we ever grow in Christ if we see only our own value, our own understanding in what God is saying. Does it not say to rest in His understanding? So I challenge you to seek out what that means. I have my own definition of what God’s understanding is, it has been refined like gold is in fire! 

   My wife asked me recently, “Do you think the Bible was written to us or for us?” I answered quickly, I said for us. Why? Because no where does it say, you silly Jim or the the church of Jim. I was not, the twelve or the seventy. But I do know that the message is clear, that for me, for us it was written as a blueprint as a guideline of what Grace looks like. I am not dismissing the Old Testament, for in those pages exist the same message, along with what not to do, with the ways God used others. It also shows the power of revelation through prophets and teachers. 

   We are all on a journey, each one of us has a path, but I believe we can shorten the destination with the gifts placed in front of us. The five fold is important! The gift of discernment is a key to the doors of mystery. Jesus told the disciples at one point there are things I want to tell you but you are not ready, then later after their beliefs grew, He revealed those things to them. But, it didn’t stop after He physically left them, but through visions, through revelations He kept teaching them. Do we have the audacity to think He has weakened, that He can no longer teach us? Or do we want to learn, do we want to be taught all that there is? Do we, by our faith in Him believe that through us all, He can teach us what the mystery of pure Grace is? I believe that more today than yesterday. Some though will remain stuck. Some will grow to point and stay, be content with where they are. Some will never see past their blind spots. Then there are those who want to be fed, they want more, they need more. 

   I look to the path, I value the journey and I pray for more keys, the keys you have for me! I am excited to open every door, the ones that open quickly and the ones that open slowly. I am learning to value every situation and pull from it what God needs me to know. I am glad that you are on this journey with me and look forward to day we all meet, here on earth or in Heaven. We will meet, I know it! Let’s work together, let’s bring the a Good News of pure Grace to all, let us listen and see Heaven on earth…

I want and appreciate feed back. I love conversations and questions. I don’t write to reveal only what I’ve learned, but also to hear what you have.

We are Sons, Not Servants

We are sons, not servants

“and when the fulness of time did come, God sent forth His Son, come of a woman, come under law, that those under law he may redeem, that the adoption of sons we may receive; and because ye are sons, God did send forth the spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, ‘Abba, Father!’”

‭‭“so that thou art no more a servant, but a son, and if a son, also an heir of God through Christ.”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭4:4-7‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

   When you read those verses you are being taught a valuable lesson. When you let what it is saying to you set in to your mind, it should line up with what your Spirit already knows. When Jesus came He broke you free from the bondage of law, He broke you free from having to live up to what man believes we must do to earn our Fathers love. 

   Those of us who have spent time in most churches have been taught that we must “do” to receive. But this is a false teaching, although those teaching it believe it, it doesn’t make it so. You did not earn your sonship, you didn’t have to jump through hoops, give a hundred dollars are serve the church for six months, nope it was given to you. You are redeemed! It says so right there! So what does that mean?

Redeem: gain or regain possession of (something) in exchange for payment. 

So if Christ payed for it already, why do we think we have to continue to make payments on it? Why do we feel we have to work, to be a servant to God, to be redeemed for our trespasses? To pay for what we have done, after Jesus already did it seems a bit extra, doesn’t it? It also seems a little disrespectful to Him in my eyes. He paid with His life, but yet we think we have to do a little more, a lot more in some cases, to get back in to grace with our Father. Why? Because someone else said so? 

   For thousands of years this has continued to be taught, faith without works is dead. I say He already died, He did the work, payment was made, “it is finished”. 

    I will leave you with this to think on, if we continuously have to redeem ourselves, if we have to work, confess and strive to be free, then why did Jesus come? Why did God send Him to reconcile us to Him? Why are we not resting in the idea that we are already sons?

“I do not set aside the grace of God, for if righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!””

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭2:21‬ ‭NIV‬‬