A View from Who’s Perspective

   When we do not have eyes to see or ears to hear, we are caught up in our own ego of the “need” to be right. Even though the truth is right in front of us, that which we have believed for so long as being the truth, takes precedence over everything else. If I believed my whole life in something, if it was my truth for many years, it is ingrained in me, it is part of who I am. If asked to believe or shown something different, it could be and often is taken personally as an attack on who I am. This creates a defensive posture and a quest to prove that I’m right. Why do I need to prove this? Because I view what is being said to me as this, my life is a lie. We will gather up our facts, sit down with our truth and plan our defense as if we are going to court. We object to anything that contradicts our truth, we deny any facts or ideas contrary to our truth and we will even result to badgering or talking over anything that could alter our mindset to our truth. 

   Now, lets make it about religion or spirituality… yep, people will lose their minds!

All of the above paragraph is true about those whom have been set in their religious mindsets., some don’t even realize they are religious. They have been taught this, read it this way and believe it to be that and only that. It is all they have known, the way they lived and no one will change their minds, not even Jesus. Thats right, not even Jesus. Isn’t that what He came to do? He came to change our minds of how we see God, how we are living our lives and what the truth and the light really looks like. Isn’t that what He said, isn’t that who we are supposed to be? 

   We have been taught that Jesus came to wash away our sins and to reconcile us with God. Is that true or our truth? Is that what He was teaching or what we are teaching for our own sakes? First we have to believe we are sinners and God sees us that way. Second we have to believe we are separated from Him and need to be forgiven for both. If you are taught this and make it your truth, then you will spend your life trying to get back into Grace with our Father. You will need to do things like repent, say a prayer and give out of obligation. These are the laws set down and you must follow them in order to be right with God. Does any of these things sound familiar? 

The Pharisees had Jesus right in front of them and could not see nor hear Him past there own idea what truth is. Their own mindset of who they are and what they needed to be was challenged by Him. He is the light and the truth, but yet they saw a liar and a sinner. Why? Because their whole life was being challenged, not  just their beliefs,  but what they had lived for and as. They were groomed for this, the law was their life! It was time to take it to court. 

   I could lay out the verses of all the ways they challenged Him. I could tell you of His responses to them. If I did, I would be telling you my truth. I ask you to look for yourselves, read it from the Jesus in you, not the sinner. It changed how you read and view the teachings of Jesus. In my opinion the greatest teacher of truth. 

   I will interject my opinion on just a few things God has had me walking out. Lets talk a moment about our sins being washed away by the blood. If you believe that God saw or sees you as a sinner, then you must have the law of a blood sacrifice to wash you clean. Who called for His blood, His death? Was it the disciples or the Pharisees? Was it the law or the love? Was it those whom felt they were separated or those whom knew a truth beyond the law? Did Jesus come to cleanse your soul or renew your mind? Your truth of where you are, is in your answers to these questions. Here is the beauty of it, God has you right where He needs you and Jesus, the truth, is setting you free! One other thing I want to point out, a non-Jew, a gentile washed his hands of the blood, of the innocent blood. Why did Pilate do this? Think on that a moment… the blood was not His to claim. 

   They other thing is this, the Bible was written by men. It was written in their time and their mindsets of the story of their lives. Although I believe with my heart, it was influenced by God and it is needed, but there are truths I needed to research. These are some truths that God said to me, who wrote it? What is their back story? When was it written? What do you see when you read it? How are you reading it, from flesh or spirit? When I begin to read it from a renewed mind, from the influence of Jesus and that perspective, it changes things for me. It took away a lot of things I held on to and defended. It took the yoke off of me and put rest in its place. Freedom was at hand.

   I’m not asking you to fall inline with me. This is just my view, what I’m hearing and how God is working through me. We all have a walk. We all have an understanding and we all have ears to hear and eyes to see. Lets do our best to have His perspective and walk out His Grace in all that we do. 

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