The Captive Mindset

   A captive mindset is one that believes what it is being told by someone, whom it has deemed as being more knowledgeable or more powerful, has all the answers. In this mindset, the person gives up all of their will to seek out answers on their own. They have a tendency to not question those they have put in authority over their mind. Their own thoughts of a different idea or possibility, is quickly removed by the power of that one or ones they have put over them. The ability to think or act upon these thoughts and questions has been pushed back and subdued by the captor. Even if the captive mind finds the courage to ask why or speaks out differently, it is quickly put into its place of its less than capabilities. It will except the answers or different idea as the truth and go on its false identity of happiness. It doesn’t even know it is a captive, because of its belief of being less than the captor.

   How is this possible? How does someone capture a mind? It is the simplest and oldest tool in the world, fear! The most obvious example is someone who is battered, especially physically but it also can be phycological. A person physically abused will eventually submit to the authority of the abuser out of fear of the pain both body and mind. They submit to their own thoughts of, they are obviously superior and will keep returning even if it doesn’t make any sense of going back. 

   Fear, however doesn’t have to physical in order to impose its will on the mind. I will leave you, I will take away my love or you will be condemned. I have personally walked through all three of these. In a failed marriage, in an family relationship and in a church family. My focus today is on the church. I am not here to beat up or blast the church, but for me and my opinion it has created a bunch of captives and slaves. Its claims of setting you free and reconciliation comes at a cost, your mindset. You have to turn over your thoughts and ideas and follow this doctrine and theology in order to be part of its family. Anything thought of or stepping outside the box they have built around God, is grounds for punishment and possibly dismissal. They will pull away their love, the support and their unity. That is unless you fall back in line to where you are supposed to be. Now not all churches are this way, but once again it is my view of my own life. 

    The “church” as a building or human entity has been using fear for thousands of years. You can go way back to the days of the Pharisees and see how they used fear to control the mindset of the people. Give, sacrifice and do or God will bring His wrath upon you and your family, maybe for generations. They didn’t talk much of going to Hell, it hadn’t been invented yet. Hell came later and is still used as the greatest manipulative tool in the box, right along with Satan. The “church” has a job to save you from Hell and to teach you to battle Satan. In this though, they have to get your mind right(right along with them). They have to take an age long teaching and convince you that this is the truth. Once they do this, once the fear of eternal torment and the wiles of the devil has been set in place, the fear based mindset, the captive mindset has been shackled and you now are controlled. You are now told if you do not do, these bad things will happen. If you don’t battle, Satan will control your life. If you do not repent, ask for forgiveness and give, Hell awaits. 

   Here, once again my thoughts, is my issue. Using the majority base theology, if I am saved by accepting Jesus, how can I go to Hell? If God says He is in control and that He is my protection and comforter, how can Satan get into my life? How is this possible and why is it taught over and over and over. It is how your mindset is captured. The fear of, they are right, they know more and I lack the ability to see anything other than what they tell me is so. Here is a truth, they believe it too. Why, the same reason that others do. When they questioned it, someone above them told them it was so and they stepped inside the box and are still there today. 

   When I finally broke away from this mindset, when freedom was at hand and I saw the Kingdom, the shackles fell off. When I no longer battled Satan, he no longer showed up. When I learned of the illusion of Hell, I no longer feared and love filled the void. I then grew into something more, I then saw things from a different perspective, God’s perspective! I see God in all things, even the captive mindset. I see love in everything! I am able to see”evil” and “bad” as no more than a false identity. I see my own identity, the one that lets me rest in the Father, the one that lets me love people where they are. This is the fruit of freedom, of being free indeed! Since my wife and I don’t battle, we don’t get attacked by an adversary of any kind. Yes life happens, but we walk through it with love and grace, as He is. When the truth was revealed to us of the illusion of Hell, by God, it set us free to seek the I Am in all things. We are not broke, we are not in turmoil and we are not in fear. All these things that were taught to us, these things that would happen from a god of wrath, from an entity of evil, they haven’t happened, they can’t happen. 

   This is my truth, this is my walk with the Father. I’m not here to change your mind, not here to push my agenda on you. I am just writing down what is happening in my life. I am just putting to words the love and freedom of how God shows up in my life! I Am free today, I Am as He that is in me. I Am one with the Father and I Am able to be. I have found my identity in I Am.

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