The Trauma Triangle

We are in a truth of our own making. Although we once may have been a victim of a circumstance that we had no control over, as an adult that situation is not our present moment. 

However, how we choose to be in this moment may be a result of the trauma programming of those situations. 

If I continue to see myself as a victim from that situation, I will continue to show up as a victim in the present moments. I will enter the room, create conversation and even my own thoughts will be from this belief that I am “the victim “. 

Here comes a real twist, I may even become the perpetrator or hero so I can then come back around to my most comfortable place, the victim. 

I will pick a fight, create a situation that I can manipulate and believe I have control over so I can fall back on the victim role. 

I will also find away of taking all things said and done as a personal attack on me. Even the things I created, I will find away to  turn it around so that I need to be saved. 

I have found those people in my life who will feed this need and keep them inside my programming. I will also feed their need as I become their hero, their victim. I will also complete this triangle by being the perpetrator so that I keep this unhealthy cycle going. 

I may even recognize this is happening, but it is so comfortable to bond in this trauma triangle, that I fall from the place I Am attempting to heal from, back to my chosen reality of I am a victim, no I’m the hero, no wait you can’t treat me like that, I’m now the perpetrator or am I the victim? I get so lost in my trauma bond that I confuse myself of who and what I am. 

We remain in the loop or continuum of this self supported reality claiming differently, but not much has changed. We only get glimpses of change or we take great strides, only to return back to that comfortable place when something hits us firmly and we get knocked off our not so solid foundation. 

I say I am healed, but my actions and words say other wise, when life doesn’t show up in it’s nice and neat little package with it’s pretty perfectly tied bow on it. 

I can speak on this because it has been a struggle in my own life. I see it only after it happens, sometimes. Other times I head it off before I get there, that’s a victory! The most amazing ones are the ones I don’t even see I did it! It just happens because I am truly healed from that situation and my foundation is solid and repaired from that trauma. I no longer respond from the triangle mentality. 

The truth is, we are not victims, we don’t need hero’s and we create or allow perpetrators in our own perceptions of life. 

There has to be a perpetrator if I am going to show up as a victim. I can’t save someone unless they are victimized. I can’t find a victim, be the hero unless there is a perpetrator and sometimes I become that so I can be the other two. 

It is a vicious cycle and is as unhealthy as it gets! I continue the programming set forth by my generational ancestors and pass it on to my linage through my actions just as they did to me. The curse continues and I’m the wicked who curses them and myself! 

By the way, since we are all one, all connected, linage is not just blood family. It is all, everyone we entangle in our web of deceit and betrayal. They become part of a triangle that lays upon triangle after triangle. 

Here is a big T truth, no one is coming to save you from this. You can and will have guides, but no one can save you. If they say the can, then guess what, they are stepping into that hero role and you guessed it, you are the victim once again! 

We have to be willing to look at this, look within ourselves and see this reality we are creating. We have to be willing to step out of the triangle and do something different. But first we have to be able to recognize the existence of the triangle and how we fit into it. What role we are taking on and what action needs to be taken to stop the cycle or the continuum. 

I can’t save you from you, but I can lead you out of this poverty, lack mentally… This is what Jesus was saying, “follow me”. “ By your faith you are healed”, believe in yourself and receive Love. “Let the dead bury the dead”, let those whom want to not live the abundant life of joy continue on their journey of death. 

We can all be guides to one another just as Jesus was! We have to be able to step out of our own triangles first! If not we just add more layers upon the triangles of traumas and death.  I do not want to wait to die to experience Heaven, I want to bring Heaven to earth. I can only do that for myself, no hero can do that. The Kingdom is within, He is inside me and when I see that I am not my yesterday, I get to see that this moment is beautiful and it is where God lives! Love is in this moment and if I choose it, if I Am willing to, I can remove the curse, build a solid foundation and live in peace and joy! 

It does not matter the situation, it only matters how I choose to be in the situation in this moment! 

I Am not a victim! I no longer wish to be a perpetrator! I can’t save anyone and I do not desire to be a hero! I do however want to Love, be Love because that is what I was sent here to do and experience! It is all up to me, to be willing, to choose and to rest in! 

If you look at your life, if you pause for a moment, you will see this triangle in your relationships. You have to be willing to look at it objectively, cautiously and truthfully. It is the only way you can change it and heal. 

You are the common denominator in every relationship you have. You are in it as one of the corners of the triangle or you are an observer from a place of Love. 

You can continue on in this trauma triangle or find peace outside of it. You do not have to enter in it unless you want to. It really is a choice, no one can pull you in to it unless you are willing to go. 

The willingness to do something different is a great place to start! The choosing of a better life, by following the way, through the truth, is seeking the Kingdom of Love within! It’s there, you’ve seen it just as I have. We have all had those moments of peace, kindness, forgiveness and Love of a higher self. 

Why wouldn’t we want more of that? It seems silly to keep repeating that same old life style when we have felt something better. 

The next time you feel like a victim or you rush in to be the hero, pause and ask yourself if this is what you really desire. Depending on how you answer, you will know what to do!

 For me, I have found more peace in my own life, a higher self and Love like I have never known in myself and then I get to have better relationships full abundant joy and Love! It is possible, all is possible through Love! All is possible through faith! Anything can change if we are willing! 

My Religion

Religion: a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices.

Are we ever truly free fro religion? What things do you practice in your everyday life? What is your routine like? What sort of anti-religious behaviors do you practice daily to not be religious?

I have claimed I am free of religion, but yet I get up every morning and do my routine. I wake up, take my vitamin supplements, meditate, make my tea and drink it while learning something, writing or sometimes sketching. I then eat breakfast before taking a shower and meditating again. This is a practice of my anti-religion which is very religious.
I have walk in condemnation of other’s religious practices because of the wounds I have allowed to rest in me from past experiences. The truth is, without those experiences, I Am not where I Am today. My closeness to God, to the Love that is He would not be where it is without these moments that sent me, launched me into this amazing journey!
This morning I Am finding a gratefulness for all of those whom are practicing their beliefs in their religious format. Although my religion has changed, my belief structure as the I Am and the Oneness with God has evolved, it did not happen without those who came to me by the very Love of God who rests in my very being!
When reflecting this morning on the beautiful people I once had hardened my heart to, I Am thankful fir them, the Love they were able to give me as they too are evolving and awakening. I would not be open to the ”All” that exists in everything and everyone if not for all of them and all of those moments.
Love is and Love does it’s best in all of us from where we are. When you realize that everyone is doing the best they can from the wounds that have influenced their lives, it creates a greater appreciation for all who came before us and those who have been there with us. It also lets us see our own wounds and how we have shown up for others and too others from where we are.
This journey is yours! You get to decide how you want to Love each person who is there now and those who were in our past. This religion I Am practicing, doing my best to live out, has healed me in many areas. I Am practicing it because I have not perfected it, just like many others. I don’t know all the answers, actually have more questions, but through Love, understanding and my desire I seek my own truth of who I Am, I heal a little more, getting closer to my true identity and get to share my Love with so many!
My gratitude list this morning is huge and beautiful! I have been enriched by so many and thanks to my amazing wife, Brandie, I took a giant leap into my heart and found a piece of me that I needed to find Grace for! This is Love in the tough places and when gratitude comes, we heal! It may not, most of the time it doesn’t, look like we expected it too, but when you see it, feel it and run it all the way through to the root, something amazing is created! It’s called forgiveness and Love! That to me is enlightenment through my own religion… it’s beauty is far beyond anything I have ever known!
Namaste ❤️

True Union

It is not just in the unseen realm, but in the realm of that which is seen, is where we will meet God. Not one nor the other but both in union with one another. The Spirit in union with the body is where the manifestation of Heaven to Earth becomes reality. Let us hear with both, let us see within the union and all that is, becomes possible. 

The ”And-or” Factor


   I believe we live mostly in an “or” lifestyle. We believe that most things are a choice of this “”or” that. It is outside of our box that it can be “and”. I can give “and” receive. I can be in consideration of others “and” consider myself. I can sacrifice for “and” ask for them to sacrifice for me. I can be in totally consideration of both and find harmony in it. 

   In the oneness of all that is, sacrifice for another is actually sacrificing for self. The healing and wholeness that comes out of the willingness to give of self and the willingness to receive the gift of it, is far beyond our comprehension. 

   We can’t see that in the sacrifice, there is not a disservice to one’s self, but actually there is  a beautiful gift to self which is in the power of giving.   

   I do for you not to receive, but in that giving I end up receiving anyways! My end game was not to receive, but in the natural order of things, it happens. 

   In healthy relationships, I believe this truth sets in motion healing in the places we don’t even realize exists. It comes naturally through Love, not manufactured Love but the kind of Love that says you are worth giving to, sacrificing for. 

   Personal growth comes through sacrifice, it is the willingness to step into dark places within ourselves “and” consider what if I do this “and” that? 

   What if in my willingness to give I will actually receive what I’ve been working so hard for? 

   In truth, I don’t know all of this to be true, but it feels right. 

   I know how I’ve lived my life and I see factors of this theory being true. I have also experienced where I only thought of self, I need this or I’m not doing that and it caused a ripple in the force. It created the karmic energy that would bite me in the butt later!

   The “and-or” factor is something to consider. Would love to hear some feedback on this, no judgement, I have no right to judge… ❤️

Be Prepared

Be Prepard

We have been taught to feed the soul. The truth is we should be letting the soul feed us. 

If we believe the words of man can feed the soul then we will seek man’s thoughts, approval and validation to what it is we are doing. If we allow the soul to feed us, we will hear what God is telling us through the words of man, the trees, the animals, numbers, colors and the stars. 

The Spirit is full and whole it does not thirst for wisdom, but the mind and body seeks knowledge and wisdom, let us seek and receive that from the soul. 

If righteousness is what you seek, if being just is how you wish to be and if Love in abundance is your goal, then let that which is righteous, just and Love be your guide. 

Open up your mind and body (Heart) to receive that which comes from the source of all that is. Let Him through your soul regenerate, refine and resurrect that which was lost through the words and actions of others. 

If you listen you can hear His voice, if you be still you can feel His presence, if you seek He will lead you to a whole and complete mind and body you desire. 

All that was created was for your good, was for you to experience and in those things He is. 

Our simple task is to let the guide be a guide,  to the healing from those things that block us from experiencing Love on this earth (Heaven on earth). 

The barriers set in place by man (which includes ourselves), through their words, actions and examples need to removed and released back to where they came from. We then need to fill that void left by that which was unjust (darkness), with something that is righteous (light). 

If we release those things from our mind and bodies without the righteous counterpart ready to put its place, we create an unbalanced temple that may allow darkness to creep in. If I am prepared by listening to Spirit, I will fill that void with Love! 

Jesus could see the light of men even through their darkness, He was prepared to face their demons by listening to the Father (Spirit). He let nothing in that did not let Him see them as they were, meeting them as they were and preparing them to let Love in as the released their darkness. 

If you are seeking validation from the dark, when you release that which is not righteous, you will open the door for more darkness. 

If you seek communion with the light (those whom Love you enough to speak truth) you will be prepared to let in the light as darkness flees. 

What others did in an attempt to destroy you, can be found in others to regenerate you. This is balance, that which came and bound you has a counterpart that will set you free, it is Love and it is waiting for you. 

There really isn’t anything I can say or tell you, because this is already inside of you. 

You have the ability to seek this, see this and feel this in all parts of you, all parts of this experience that is life. 

The balance, the Yin and Yang exists in you and outside of you. 

What was can be released by what is and the more you let go of, the more you will see to let in. 

It is a worthy exchange of beauty for ashes, trust for mistrust and Light for darkness. 

Love is powerful, more powerful than any other thing in the multiverse. If you are prepared to let Love in, you can and will be healed, free and an unstoppable light! 

Namaste ❤️

Who Are Your Advisors

In thought straight out of meditation, this came to me…

Seeking advice and wisdom from someone who has not made a healthy journey beyond the point of where you are or even worse, they are behind you on the path, is like asking a toddler who is just learning to speak, how to get from Michigan to California and just taking off on the directions they give. If you are lucky you may find your way, but the twists and turns may cost you more than if you sought the wisdom of the wise. Yes the journey is important, but to do it blindly when there is a map of how to get there wisely, not quickly, seems a lot more healthy than to run into a bunch of dead ends. No one wants to back tract, when life should be continuously moving forward. 

We lose sight of the fact that even though we have amazIng friends, they may not be the one’s we should be seeking advice from.

Maturity does not come from eduction, it comes from experience. You can’t go off of someone else’s beliefs or book knowledge and think it will help you heal. That there lack of wisdom or their own personal struggles in this subject you seek council in, will undoubtedly cause more harm than good.

We must always consider where they are in their journey before hanging our well being on there advise. If they don’t have their shit together in this area, what can they possibly tell you about how to move forward on your journey? You could end up running head on into a wall that creates more damage than good.

Sometime you may just have to live it out for yourself if you have no one to lead you in this subject. You are the front runner in your group and you may have to trust your instincts or maybe even believe in some Divine wisdom that comes from an unlikely source.

You also can’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake, we all do. Sometimes the journey is trial and error. If what you have been doing so far isn’t working, you may have to restructure or reroute the plan.

In the end, the journey is as important as the destination. It should be fun, full if passion and fulfilling. There may be bumps along the way, but your scales should tip to the side of joy and happiness, than sadness and despair.

Watch the person whom is your advisor and if you see them struggling in the place you seek advice, then kindly listen and take it with a grain of salt.

If you listen to self and it goes astray, then turn a little bit and try something else. Consider all possibilities, what seems impossible to be a truth may actual be the correct turn. Only you will know, either way, it will become wisdom. Just as you are wise to what you are doing now is working or its not.

Its your journey after all. Your happiness, your satisfaction and your joy is 100% up to you!

Namaste ❤️

The Presence of Love

When we choose to protect ourselves out of fear, we create walls that Love cannot penetrate. 

To fully immerse ourselves in Love means we have to submit to Love, giving away our attempts to control fear. 

Perfect Love is trusting we are covered, we need not fear, but that we only need to allow Love to cast it out.

Submitting to Love in the moment, letting the romance and courtship of it’s beautiful presence to consume you, allows us to heal through the refining fire that Love is. 

You get to choose to remain or grow, to immerse or flee. 

If you believe in Love’s power, understand and recognize its presence, then you are and will be a conqueror of the illusion and grip that fear holds on you. 

Let Love be your guide and your truth and what appeared to be impossible will become truly possible.

Namaste ❤️

Wisdom or Knowledge

  It is relative to man, for man’s sake, that he does not lose sight of the earthly experience while on his spiritual journey. For if I do not experience that which God has sent me to experience, but instead chase what I have always been, I will miss out on and deny myself the pleasure of being human. 

   The actual gift that was given in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, was to seek a life that keeps you in the high frequency of Love, just as His experience and lessons taught us. He wasn’t teaching us to become Spirit minded, He was teaching us how to be human in a such away that your experience was the best it could be. The teaching of Love, missing the mark, feeling as if all hope is gone, resurrecting hope, doing it again until the light bulb turns on is His gift to us. 

   Your Spirit knows how to maintain that high frequency, it’s our human belief that our sins have turned us away from Heaven, when in truth our beliefs have turned us away from having an Heavenly experience on earth. We keep listening and believing all of these teachings that are turning us away from relationships with one another, in our desire to become more like Jesus, which we believe is a perfect Spiritual person, we miss the what I believe to be a truth of the connection through our human experiences is what brings us closer to being like Jesus. 

   Why did God become human? Could He not have just showed up in the sky or in the water and said what He needed to say? He is God, could have just told you how to be. That’s not what He did, He showed up as one of us, to teach us, by showing us (that’s important), how to have a more pleasurable experience. 

   He showed us how to walk with Grace and forgiveness as a human. He experienced it, which made it  no longer knowledge, it became wisdom. 

   I believe we all have things deep inside us that we know, we haven’t experienced them yet,  so we don’t have wisdom in it.    

   I know how to forgive myself in certain areas, how to heal through certain things, how to forgive myself and others in areas where I Am healed from the trials of that part of my life. There are other parts though, areas where I believe inside me I know the answers to, but I have no wisdom in that area. 

   I have made attempts through poor relationships, with poor instruction from knowledgeable teachers whom also had no wisdom in these areas, but because I did not have the correct people in my life at that time, missed the mark(sinned). 

   As we move through this experience, we learn through attempts, trial and error how to move ourselves closer to the desired experience of a perfect Love, the highest frequency known (Jesus). 

   I Am finding that if I choose the incorrect people, those whom have not lived it, living it or not wanted to attempt it with me, then I become lost, which is makes me miss informed or I become stagnant and stuck in that place. 

   We have to Love, it is in our DNA. That Love means,  as I see it, Loving yourself enough to know how to Love others in each type of relationship and helping each other to grow with the wisdom we have, not the knowledge that think we have. 

   If we teach on what we think as if it’s the truth, then we are a disservice to those listening to us. I have wisdom in areas and in those areas I can confidently speak on how “I” overcame that trial or tribulation. This may work for someone else, it may not, but it is truth through wisdom. If not, I should find someone or someone’s whom has or us willing to walk that out with me. 

   Policy changes, the way things are “normally” done or the belief of how they should be done, only change when someone connects with someone else and they make a decision together to do something different, out of that frequency of Love. It can only be changed if it comes from that place, that selfless, unconditional and truth that Love is. 

   If I Am not walking that walk, I should not be talking that talk. It is deceitful and is denying others of the truth that wisdom has, that knowledge doesn’t. 

   It really becomes simple, if you are going to teach in it, you have to self examine your own life from a place of truth and honesty. 

   Are you personally healed in that area? Do you carry wisdom or knowledge in it? 

   If your honest and your integrity is intact, by all means share, teach, Love people through it! If in your honesty you say no not really, then keep on healing, search out wisdom, by listening, reading and attempting those things that will bring about that wisdom through the process of living and healing from it. 

   Resurrect yourself from the dead places in your heart that are stopping you from having an amazing experience of joy and true happiness. 

   If your circle is not promoting this by living it out, you are in the wrong place, listening to the wrong teachers or attempting it with the wrong human(s). Not that you can’t stay in contact with them, you just have to choose the type of relationship you have with them. 

   Whom you share life with, each part of it is important. Whom you choose to attempt to do life with is important. How you heal, is important. 

   This human experience is supposed to be fun, full of joy, abundant happiness, full of passion, compassion and fulfilling the desires of your heart. 

   Every moment is precious and worth something. How you choose and whom you choose to spend them with is how you are going to experience Heaven on earth, life or death and it even could become a tormenting Hell. 

   Choose wisely from the cup you drink and if you miss it, choose again! You get to go again and this time in the wisdom of what not to do. 

Namaste ❤️

The Illusion and You

We live in world where we speak of our actions being one of Love. We say all the right things that has the appearance of what we are doing, the actions we took or the lifestyle we are choosing is one of accountability, selflessness and honoring others through honoring ourself. 

Is this the truth? Are we honoring ourselves? Others?

Are the actions we are taking for the honor and respect of others? 

Is there an hidden agenda behind so called selfless acts or words spoken? 

Is our ego cunning enough that it can even fool us? Are we actually healed in the areas where we believe we are healed or is the egotistical veil being pulled over our own eyes with such precision that we can’t even recognize that the illusionist even has us fooled? 

Have you ever taken a moment and asked yourself why am I truly doing this or why am I truly not doing that? 

Why do I treat this person this way or that one in another way? 

Why am I different at home than I am at work? 

Why do I act differently when I drink alcohol than when I am not under the influence? 

Do I really believe that I don’t have all the answers or is that the illusion that I am performing so I don’t appear self righteous? And am I really fooling everyone or just myself? 

Am I actually causing separation when my illusionist is telling me I am creating unity? 

Am I unable to hear ideas, truths and revelation from others, with an open mind and heart because I believe the illusion of my own ego over what could potentially be the thing I need so I can heal and move on into a life of fulfillment, joy and peace? 

Are my fears more powerful than the Love, passion and compassion that I could be and it is the barrier to the abundant life I could be living? 

Why do I continue to be or enter into the loop of mental, emotionally or physical unhealthiness, when in a moment I could choose something different that could change my vibrations and my polarity?  Here is what I am seeing in myself, if I lock on to a self imposed fact, then that becomes my truth. If I believe I can’t learn something from someone, then I can’t hear them, never will be able too. 

If I am lying to self, then my lie becomes my truth because I tell it to myself over and over again until I believe it to be a truth. When I believe that I can’t fool myself, that fear feeds my ego, the darkness, the negativity that lives in me, then I will give in to its manipulative ways and I can’t nor will I be healed from any of the dis-ease places in my life. Anger, hate, frustration and contempt becomes my life, even if I don’t see it. 

I will remain in a life of illusion, believing this is as good as it gets and tormenting myself in wonder of something better, a better choice of how to be or life fulfilled with the desires of my heart. I believe I can’t reach that potential, so I become complacent in the illusion. You see we don’t try because we are afraid, because we are afraid of failure if we do. 

What happens if you try and fail? 

You try something else! What if you try and get rejected? 

You try again! 

What if you try and it is successful or it manifests in to healing or abundance or joy or happiness or Love or passion or compassion or…   

What if in this moment you decided to do something different and said yes to something different than what you did last time? What if yes is the key to success, to all you ever dreamed of having? 

What if your desire to be healed, whole and complete starts with you saying yes to something else in this moment? 

Where has no gotten you to this point? 

Where has saying yes when you meant no gotten you? 

Sometimes saying no is the yes you haven’t done. Saying yes means doing what you haven’t done, what you haven’t done that you desire to or what you have thought about, but no has gotten in the way. 

We get to choose our story, to create something special in all of our chapters. 

We get to create the life we dream of, but we have to be willing to step away from life we are living in. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be afraid to immerse yourself in something, (talking to myself) I’m saying overcome the fear of it and say yes! 

Say yes to you and to others!

If you want more than the story you are living in right now, you are the only one whom can rewrite the script which is in this very moment! 

If you are saying yes, then you will overcome. 

If you are hitting barriers that are self imposed, then overcome them! 

You have to get out of the box you have put you in. Don’t let the illusionist fool you anymore, you know his tricks, you have been with him your whole life. 

This moment is the beginning of the next chapter of your story. 

Let me start, Once upon a time…

That Flat Spot is Back Again

I am finding that the questions that arise in my head during meditation, are the ones that are holding me back from living an abundant life of peace, joy and happiness.
The life you want, the desires in your heart, the Love that is wanting to burst out of you, are in the questions that you keep asking yourself.
The cycle keeps rolling back like a flat spot on a tire, there is no negative vibration and everything feels smooth, then bam! You hit that familiar flat spot, that sends a shockwave through you. It lasts even into the smooth spot for a moment.
Then as it smooths out, you forget about it, you deny the fact that something wasn’t or actually isn’t right. It appears easier this way, until Bam! It’s still there.
Some flat spots are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, even comes about years later. This cycle will continue until you make the decision to try something different or even do something you were doing that was smooth before you created the flat spot.
Your emotions, your mental processes and your body are all barometers telling you all you need to know about that flat spot.
The key is, as it begins to smooth out, that is the moment you get to choose, deny and mask that it exists or recognize and take action so you can remain in the smooth positive vibration of peace and harmony.
Who, what and how you are listening and hearing the information you are taking in, has an effect on how you are handling this flat spot and the cycle you are on.
It could be a simple shift of how you are doing something or it could be a leap, it is for you to decide.
I will make this revelation for myself, doing the same thing, in the same way and expecting a different result, takes me into insanity. For me insanity is, torment through living a life without fulfilling the desires of my heart.
It’s being in situations and places that don’t line up with the peace, harmony and joy that I desire to live in.
It’s not anyone else’s fault, it’s always my choice. They are doing the best they can with the information and traumas they have lived through. We have a choice of engaging in them with them causing more turmoil, doing our part to help, moving on when have done all we can do or stepping out when it starts to create an unhealthy life for you.
Living in a cycle of torment in one part of your life, will manifest in all parts of your life.
You are worthy of that peace, that harmony and that joy.
It starts within, how you choose to be, how you choose to create and how you choose to Love.
Seek help if you need help from someone whom has overcome the cycle. Their wisdom is more valuable than knowledge of anything.
Listen closely to the important people in your life, your intuition knows if it’s truth or untruth.
Watch how they live their own life and if the speak it and don’t live it, then you are being lead astray and misinformed.
You can’t change anyone but yourself.
You can’t Love anyone beyond your own understanding of Love.
You can’t speak truth unless you are living in truth, to your self.
If you are not trying to heal, to change and to create something different, if you are only saying that you are, then you will only continue to see that flat spot!
I believe everyone can change in a moment. It comes from within, it comes from believing in you.
It comes from trial and error.
It comes from forgiving others mistakes and forgiving your own.
Your choice to remain or change is up to you.
You have all the power in it, you are the creator of your story and you have the backing of Divine Love to help you through it.

Namaste ❤️