We Are, What We Project.

   If I read a verse different than you, does that make me a heretic? If I read a verse and go deeper by looking up the meaning of the words in Greek and Hebrew for myself, is that going against The Word or against the word as you know it, as it was taught to you? If I research the origins in which things were put, in translation, in the Bible, am a commenting blasphemy or am I a scholar? If I believe that Christ is the teacher, that through revelation He reveals the mysteries, the knowledge of God, to me and to you, am I a lover of Christ, or anti-Christ? If you believe the negative about someone, see things only through your lens of understanding, claim to be a follower of the word, teach we are of sin, are sinners and you must do, are you a Christian or a Pharisee? 

   My point is, how we treat, even those we disagree with, is important. True unconditional love, which is what our Father is doing, comes without the judgement. We spend more time judging each other, instead of loving each other. We spend more time listening to rebuke, instead of listening to understand. We look to see the negative they bring, instead of the positive. When Jesus walked as man, He taught those in front of Him from where they were at. He spoke in parables of the times, of that age. He showed them through their lens of understanding, not through His knowledge of all knowing. Do we really think we can read the KJV, NIV or the YTL1898 and be all knowing of the Word of God? That is actually first of all full of arrogance and second of all pretty impersonal from a God whom seeks a relationship with you. Isn’t it? 

   I personally have come to a place of understanding, of a realization, that all of those around me brings revelation and knowledge. If I listen to hear God’s voice through their words, if I truly have ears to hear, then I will hear, Him. Even if I don’t stand in agreement with someone, God is still there, in their truth is God. 

   People have done horrific things in the name of God, Jesus snd Christianity, it doesn’t change the fact that in it, was their truth at that time. Through their filters of understanding, it was how they saw it. Their mindset nay have been more of them instead of Him, but somewhere in there, He was speaking. That is sometimes tough to get, to want to understand, but is a truth. When we say He is in all things, it means “all” things. This means even those things we do not approve of. 

   I have written all of the above to say this, you are love. What we do with that is important. We must have Grace in our hearts for all of God’s children. We need to have unconditional love and project it in all we do. We have to manifest positivity through our actions and words. We are co-creators in this way, in His ways. 

   Let us start viewing each other in a different way, let us not judge, for you will be judged in the same way. That is a powerful statement. If you love, unconditionally you are now as the one who lives in you. How powerful that can be! Let us follow the two commands, love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as you love yourself! If we are truly walking that out, being as Jesus was, we will then project and manifest the very thing we all seek, Heaven on earth. 

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