The Blueprint

Condemnation comes from a self appointed judge who sees their own view as being the righteous view. I’m right, you are wrong and God is ashamed of you. 

Conviction is a personal thought of lack, a less than mentality of believing that God is disappointed in me. I cannot see myself as He sees me, perfect. I only see my mistakes as being ungodly and unrighteous. 

Spiritual truth is that you are as He, one spirit. You are wonderfully and perfectly made in His image. He loves you as He loves Himself. His view of you is out of love, it is love and it is righteous! 

To stand with the view of condemnation or conviction is walk in the belief that God created an image of Himself that is unrighteous, unholy and is less than. It is saying that God made a mistake, that He is foul able. 

In our humanity, this flesh believes that it has the answers, it believes that it has the right to judge all things through its human eyes and human mindset. The result is that we label others from that place, bad and evil. We label ourselves in the same manner. This means that God is bad and evil, (one spirit, in His image). 

Jesus walked as man, giving us direction and a blueprint of what to do, how to be. He did what the Father was doing, He tapped into the one Spirit and loved as the Father loves as that one Spirit. 

According to scripture even Jesus made mistakes and let His humanity get in the way of His spirit or did He? He called the Pharisees, whitewashed tombs, snakes and hypocrites. Was love in this, is that what the Father was doing or was that His own human experience? Later on in scripture He had a chance to speak out against them again, but did not. He kept His mouth shut, He did not condemn them anymore. He actually spoke for our sakes on the cross, showing us that even in our pain, we are to be love. He did this in the form of forgiveness, “forgive them for they know not what they are do”. 

Jesus was and is the blueprint of how we are to be in our humanity and in our Spirit. We have the choice to be as He that is in us or be as those whitewashed tombs. We can be love that lives in us or be knowledge without actually knowing Him that is in us, as us. Your fruit is in this, love is sweet and beautiful! It is the very essence of who you are, you just have to tap in to it, know that you are one with Him. You are love, can be love and be loved, because that is exactly how He made you.

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