Our walk, Our Truth

   When we look upon revelation as being credible only if confirmed by the bible then are we not questioning the very words of the Bible? When we read the books that Paul wrote, these very teachings are revelation. We also read several times that the Bible has mysteries, in the writings it makes that clear. It talks that Jesus did more than could possibly be written in a book, what are these mysteries, these thing He did? Why are they not there? 

    Paul tells us directly that he was not taught by man but through the revelations he got from Jesus. Jesus who had ascended and was now as He is in Spirit. Are we now to believe that no other man can be influenced by Jesus? The Spirit if Jesus? That He couldn’t do that through all of us? Do we sit down with the Bible and keep Jesus locked in it and the only time He gets to escape and teach us is through the words that someone else wrote down? Do we forget that, someone else wrote down their views of events they heard of, they saw and things they heard and felt through revelation? Even the gospels are not exactly the same about the same events that Jesus did and said as He walked the earth as a man. Which one do we believe so we can walk to the exact form of inerrancy? Does Matthew have one hundred percent or does Luke? If you say that you take a little from both but not each to the letter, then is it truly inerrant? If I read women should not speak in church, but allow women to speak in church, if I believe that all is true in the Bible, do I really get to play the “it was written in a different age than us card”? Here is whats up, it was all written in a different age than us. How do I or how dare I say such a thing but claim that these are God’s words to be followed to the letter? Once again, who do I follow, which teaching? Peter? Paul? They both  contradict each other and sometimes even themselves. In Hebrews, the author writes that God did not like blood sacrifices, then says that Jesus was sent as a blood sacrifice…  What? Paul writes that not of blood or the will of man we are cleansed but of the will of God, but later we read it is by the blood of Jesus we are cleansed of our sins. Wait, it says that God is the same today as He was yesterday and will be same tomorrow, but today He cannot see my sins, but before Jesus He could? No thats not right either, He can’t see them after I say the sinners prayer, that,  by the way, I still cannot find in the inerrant Bible so many speak of. 

   Let me say this, I believe in the Bible, it sends me into revelation, it walks me through things and I find comfort in it. I am not anti Bible nor am I Antichrist, I love Jesus and what He has shown me, in and out if the Bible. I also will confess this, I don’t always get it right. I have the brain of man, no matter how powerful Jesus is in my heart. My thoughts are not always taken captive. My ego sometimes shows up in the most unlikely places or inappropriate times. I see it happen now, where before I could not. I also see it not show up as often as it use to. I have changed more because of it. I have been stretched far beyond what I thought was possible and I am still being stretched. It is so good! Glory to Jesus! 

   Let me tell you a quick story, I was back in church for the first time in many, many years. The lights dimmed and the music started, people were worshipping and I was over there thinking what am I doing here? I did not believe in Jesus. I did not believe in resurrection. I did believe in God though. Anyways, I am standing there and an overwhelming feeling came over me. I couldn’t figure it out, I didn’t feel pressure, I wasn’t really scared, but something was happening in me, around me and through me. I now know it was the presence of Jesus, then I thought I was losing my mind. I closed my eyes in an attempt to escape. Instead it escalated. I stepped right into a vision, as someone took a hold of my hand( which I thought was my now wife), I saw a path form out in front of me. The path was dirt, dimly lit and went on as far as I could see. A calm voice said, “ follow the path and will all be ok”. I opened my eyes to once again escape, but the path remained. I looked at my hand to find something real to grasp and although I could still feel my hand being held, no visible hand was there. It was Him, Jesus. He was letting me know that He was there, guiding me down the path. I still thought I was losing my mind, but the truth is that my mind was beginning to be renewed. The point of the story is this, I didn’t say the prayer, I didn’t know the Bible at all, I didn’t believe in Jesus before that moment. So then why did He show up? If I didn’t believe, if I had not taken the oath, why then would He be there for me? I know the answer today, because no matter what, I was never separated from Him, it wasn’t about knowing verses, it’s not about a special prayer or even repentance, it’s about unconditional love! A love so great that even someone who publicly spoke out about His very existence was loved! 

   The Bible says, love God with all your heart, love your neighbor as yourself, it even says love your enemies, so are we following that to the letter? Here is a giant question I would like you to pounder, to take to God…  What Bible was Moses following, Enoch or even Jesus? Did Paul set down and read the four gospels and then write the letters to the different churches that he had ministered to? The book of Revelations was a vision someone had, so why is it followed to the letter like the gospels? Why do we believe his vision over Nichol’s or Brian’s? To me the truth lies in my heart, in my Spirit that walks with God, sits upon the throne with him. My truth, that may very from yours, is all about where He is taking me at the moment , what He is teaching me. What does He need me to know and how am I getting there? That is what the truth of the moment is all about, obedience to the moment, not to a teaching from someone else’s perspective. 

   Here is something God just said to me, if your body was made up of all feet, how would it function? So the truth is the same for the body of Christ, it is made up if all of us. We are walking through different things, because He needs us to, that simple. As ling as we follow the head, which is Jesus, we are not and will not get it wrong. Moses did his walk, Paul did his, its time for you and I to do ours. Listen and  find your guidance, down your path. He has you, He knows you and His love never fails! 

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