Do we create our enemies?

Do we create our enemies?

If we see those who don’t agree with us or have suggestions out side of our view of things, as resistance or against us, then we have created an enemy where a friend is standing. These things come out of past hurts, past situations that we have not healed from. We see enemies around every corner, even sitting in our living rooms. We label them, we conclude on their motives and miss out on their love. We put them in a basket, lump them in with all the others that came before them, not seeing the common denominator of our own suspicious mindset. Our view is through the veil of pain instead of through the freedom of love. We talk about love, teach about freedom, we even scream forgiveness from the mountain top, but this is all a mask of appearance to keep the picture perfect and the pain hidden. We keep even those closest to us at arms length, never letting them to close. We don’t let them see us, we don’t let them in, because we see an enemy instead of a friend. We are always looking for their ulterior motive instead of love in what they’re saying. We wait to see what we have predetermined them to do, happen. Then when given the slightest bit of evidence to our preset conclusion, we jump up and say see I knew it! Well of corse we did, we had them set up in our minds to fail, to be exactly what we wanted them to be. Once again we miss it, we don’t see how they were sent to help, we only see the enemy, the pain and our twisted view on love. We see love as you agree with me or you’re the enemy. We may say different, but it’s that lie that makes us appear healthy to others and ourselves. Seriously, should a real friend believe everything I believe, follow what I follow and do everything the way I say it should be done? How can they possibly care or love me if they don’t? Is that what we really want? If so, then we will remain stagnant and closed off from growth.
What has to happen is we need to open ourselves up. We have to take a look at us, self inventory is tough, but healing from emotional trauma only happens when we see our part and let go of theirs. True healing comes from forgiveness and an open heart. Grace goes along way! Having pure Grace for those in your life is one of the most important things you will ever have and do. It’s not something you can talk about, it’s something you have to do. It’s not something you believe others should do. It’s not just something you teach, it’s something you need to be an example of. No one can heal this except you and God, but you have to let Him help you. You see He is the example, He is unconditional love, He has already forgiven you, before and without asking. He is the perfect example of Grace, no matter how many time you mess up, He is still there. We can do it too, we just have to want to. It’s not easy, I still miss the mark, but today I see it quicker and heal faster. It’s a God thing, it’s a Spirt thing, it’s a love thing.
If you take a trip into your past and you feel resentment in past relationships, if you feel any other way than forgiveness and love, you are not healed. If you look upon someone’s actions today and it awakens past conversations, past actions of others or opens an old wound in the present relationship, you are not healed. I’m not saying that you have to go hang out with people who legitimately did something to you, but I am saying that forgiveness, true forgiveness goes along way in your healing.
When you take that trip down memory lane, do you see a pattern? Do you see the same repetitive things happening over and over again? If so this is the place you stop and reflect on what is your part in it. How do you act, do you react or respond? Do you see the past or the present? Do you have resentment or Grace? There are times I have to take a step back and ask my self this question. If I do feel angry or hurt, why? My response will be different if I see why I feel this way. If I don’t, then it becomes a reaction, no heart in it, just a mindset action.
The next thing we must look at is their intentions. Are they purposely trying to hurt me? Are they wanting to see me fail? Is the truth that they love me enough to speak honesty. Do they see me and want more for me? Do I see their heart through my own pain? Knowing the intentions of the heart of the person in front of you is important. Knowing that by the fruit they have brought into your life is key to knowing those intentions. This is when we will see that we are healing or healed, when we are able to see friends instead of foes. When we can ask questions to their intent instead of concluding on them. It when we realize the enemy has been inside our own head and has distorted the truth of who they are because of who we are. You are not broken, not everyone has failed you and only your heart can see the truth. Forgive, let go, be complete! Be just as God made you!

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