Spiritual Teenager

There is an awkwardness about you, in you. You feel like a teenager again as life is changing around you, as you change the life arond you. You feel things differently, you see things differently and you want to grab hold, but you resist just as the teenager does. Is it love or lust, is it both? Lust is desire to be with, to unite, love is to be present with, to merge into joyousness. It is ok to have both of these feelings towards Him. It is ok to see yourself united as one being, to desire more of Him. This love and understanding of an unconditional nature is truth of the purist form. You need not feel shame or guilt of these feelings. Just as you went through puberty as a human, spiritual puberty is a must. You need not fear this change, embrace who you are becoming. Just as you could not stop it in your human form, you not stop what God is doing with you in your spirit. Resistance to it prolongs to truth of your identity. The one spirit, the consciousness of your divine nature, is upon you. The kingdom is within you. You are as He is. You’re here to to awaken those( reproduce ) the manifestation of sons to His divinity, to their divinity. This season is the growth-spurt of understanding your truth, your true nature and as you mature you will be shown your purpose. Awaken sleepers, to your true identity, to the reconciliation of the Oneness, to wholeness and the completeness of God.

Devaluing and Demoting

   It has become the norm, our behavior has been putting less value each other and our actions are not very becoming. Looking even deeper, we are not valuing ourselves and seeing what our own worth is. So if we can’t even recognize our own worth how can we even begin to see value in others? 

   For me this journey has hurt a lot of people, friends and family alike, no one was safe. I was quick to mock, slander and make fun of you right to your face, all in the name of fun. I also blamed and accused those closest to me for my own lack and insecurities. After all my past screamed at me, you are nothing. Without getting to in-depth, I grew up being told and shown by many around me that I was less than, I was useless and I was unwanted. It continued on through life, from those closest to me, even authority figures. I let these individuals words and actions demote me, I let their perspective be my truth. I could not see past the deception that my own mind had anchored in and believed it was who I was and all that I would ever be. I took those lies as my truth and sat in that truth. 

   This may seem like it is a fairytale or a fabrication but it is real and is happening everyday. It continues on a vicious cycle from one person to the next. I passed it on just like a bad book that I proclaimed as a good one. I took my pain, my struggles and projected it on to all around me. I demoted them for my own self absorbed satisfaction. What is sad is that it was so ingrained, I didn’t even see it. It was taught and I observed it from so many sources that I couldn’t see anything but normalcy from it. It became who I was, it became my source of life, a lie. 

   Then came Jesus, no not the one in the book, the one in my now wife. I knew nothing of the love she showed, not just to me but to all around her. She showed up differently than most people. Even in times when those she loves came against her, belittled her and ostracized her, there she was loving them. She lead me to church, which is a whole different story, but in that building I met Jesus first hand ( the truth is I had already met him ). The blueprint of who He was in His human form was right there, on those pages for all to see. He tapped into the source, the Father and distributed love, an unconditional love that we can’t seem to get in our human experience. He was one with the Father and it showed, He showed up and it was clear to all those whom believed. I was a mind renewing moment for all who wanted to see past their own self images. It was mind blowing to those whom had been beaten down by others, by the law and by religion. It blows my mind still today, how could He just keep loving in-spite of all that came against Him and those whom turned their backs on Him? He was love, thats how! He was the source, He is doing what the Father is doing still today! He is the example, just like my wife was then and still is today. Love is powerful!

   I woke up at 3am this morning. God sitting bedside, talking to me about this very thing. I struggle with belief in myself, my worthiness. It shows itself in moments of trials and tribulations. When I have the choice to show up as the blueprint or as my old self image of lack. Its when I get to make that decision of showing up as love or in fear.  As God or as Satan. I Am or adversary. 

   This revelation has been brewing in me for years, it took several people and situations to get me to this moment. I had to deconstruct from taught traits, taught lies and a religious mindset, to find the source of all things, unconditional love! I am still walking this out, its fresh and I am sure I will miss the mark some days. But I now see truth where I believed lies, I now have a greater understanding of love and of what its power is. I see that I Am, the perspective of I Am and the source is part of me, is me and I get the joy and honor to share that with everyone! 

Truth… salvation or awakening

Jesus says to him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father if not by Me.  JOHN 14:6 Concordance 

   When you seek truth in spiritually, this will be most likely one of the verses that will enter your thoughts. This is the way it is written in the Concordance version. There are many translations, most say, “except through me”. This minor change in word, has had a dramatic change in theology. It has been used to alter the truth and perception of the verse. I would like to give you my understanding of this 


   I will be using the Concordance to show you how I read this verse and will explain what my perception of what it is saying means.

   The Way: it seems simple enough, it is the path, but it is more than that. The word for “way” also means journey. I believe Jesus was telling us that how He moved through this realm, is the blueprint for how we should, how we are supposed to. 

   The Truth: we all believe we know truth from the untruth, fact and fiction. The word for truth in Greek is Aletheia, it carries different translations into English; truth, but not merely truth as spoken; truth of idea, reality, sincerity, truth in the moral sphere, divine truth revealed to man, straightforwardness. Let us focus on the underlined definition translation. Jesus came to show us what the Father is doing. He came to reveal what God’s true nature is. He was walking the earth as man and as God, that which is in Him. He came to show that God is love, not wrath, not intimidating or vengeful. Jesus condemned no one to Hell or struck them down for unbelief. He was here to be as the Father, our Father and Jesus loved even through His torment, temptation and death. The truth is that, He is love and so are we, divine truth. 

   The Life: the word Zoe, in Greek is translated into life. The Concordance defines it this way; life, both of physical (present) and of spiritual (particularly future) existence. So what was Jesus saying, this is who you are on both sides of the fence, Heaven and earth. That this is life as one entity. When you awaken to the way, to the truth, your life is as it is in the Heavenly realms. It is saying, both present and future existence is one and the same. We in our human experience have chosen to separate the two, but the reality is we are as He is right here, right now. This shell of the human body is not our true life, we are spirit first and that is life. Make sense? 

   Lets look at the last line in its entirety; No one comes to the Father if not by Me. When I asked God, so what does this mean, it seems like salvation when I read it. He said to me, this isn’t the salvation line, its the direction to relationships. The Greek word for me is, are you ready… “ego”. It translates to “I”. What I believe Jesus is telling us is, that you, me as one spirit, as spirit are the way to the Father. We are the answer to that relationship. It is not by saying a prayer to Jesus for salvation, it is by connecting as the one spirit to Him. It us recognizing who you are as spirit and seeing you as you are. It is the development of the Christ consciousness, to be aware of not humanity, but of that Spirit within you. It is seeing the I Am in you and and awakening to the fact of you are love. You are not sin, never were. You are not bad, evil or less than, never have been. You have only been awakening to your true identity (truth) by walking out this journey (way) and seeing who you really are(life), love! You are casting out the demons of the mistaken identity, you are defeating the adversary of your own mind and becoming who you truly are, I Am. 

   You are made in His image, you are as He is, you are the light of the world. Do you not see the trend in scripture? Is it not the same as He is described? You are being born again, no doubt, but not in the form of salvation but into you true identity of that which you always were, life, spirit, love! It is at that moment that you awaken to relationship of self, to Him, all as one, that you birth into whom you are… Who you have been… And who you will always be.

The Frequency

Love heals all wounds, not time. Time is an illusion, but love exists. For God is love and through that love is the frequency of healing. It is why the Bible says,

“greater love than this hath no one, that any one his life may lay down for his friends;”

‭‭John‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

“And the fruit of the Spirit is: Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith,”

‭‭Galatians‬ ‭5:22‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

“and above all these things, [have] love, which is a bond of the perfection,”

‭‭Colossians‬ ‭3:14‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

“‘This is my command, that ye love one another, according as I did love you;”

‭‭John‬ ‭15:12‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

“‘A new commandment I give to you, that ye love one another; according as I did love you, that ye also love one another;”

‭‭John‬ ‭13:34‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

   It also says, love your neighbor, your enemies and God with all your heart. When we love we change the atmosphere, we shift things into a greater realm of being. The Bible talks about sacrifice through love, to be love despite your own feelings of resistance. 

   When I love my enemy, I no longer see an enemy, I see the struggles of a story I do not know. I cast love upon it, it heals not only me but them also. Hate and dislike is like laying a knife to an open wound. Bitterness and anger is to pour salt in that wound. It gets deeper, burns more until all you have is a constant reminder of a past transgression, that shouldn’t carry in weight in this moment. But you keep looking at it, you keep visiting it and it infects your whole mindset. But when you love, the wounds heal, the scar fades and you move on to a higher frequency of being, the complete you.

   We are what we project. If I love or give out of expectation to receive, then thats how I will view love and the expectation will be as such. If I love just to love then love returns not from the external but from the internal being, that is the very essence of love, our Father. I love you simply because  Am love. It is a frequency shift, it is who we are as Him. 

   We all have it in us. Love is of our creator, He is love! It becomes a choice, hate or love, His perspective or our minds perspective. Complicated or completed. You can heal, yourself and others, by stepping into who He made you to be… LOVE

The Blueprint

Condemnation comes from a self appointed judge who sees their own view as being the righteous view. I’m right, you are wrong and God is ashamed of you. 

Conviction is a personal thought of lack, a less than mentality of believing that God is disappointed in me. I cannot see myself as He sees me, perfect. I only see my mistakes as being ungodly and unrighteous. 

Spiritual truth is that you are as He, one spirit. You are wonderfully and perfectly made in His image. He loves you as He loves Himself. His view of you is out of love, it is love and it is righteous! 

To stand with the view of condemnation or conviction is walk in the belief that God created an image of Himself that is unrighteous, unholy and is less than. It is saying that God made a mistake, that He is foul able. 

In our humanity, this flesh believes that it has the answers, it believes that it has the right to judge all things through its human eyes and human mindset. The result is that we label others from that place, bad and evil. We label ourselves in the same manner. This means that God is bad and evil, (one spirit, in His image). 

Jesus walked as man, giving us direction and a blueprint of what to do, how to be. He did what the Father was doing, He tapped into the one Spirit and loved as the Father loves as that one Spirit. 

According to scripture even Jesus made mistakes and let His humanity get in the way of His spirit or did He? He called the Pharisees, whitewashed tombs, snakes and hypocrites. Was love in this, is that what the Father was doing or was that His own human experience? Later on in scripture He had a chance to speak out against them again, but did not. He kept His mouth shut, He did not condemn them anymore. He actually spoke for our sakes on the cross, showing us that even in our pain, we are to be love. He did this in the form of forgiveness, “forgive them for they know not what they are do”. 

Jesus was and is the blueprint of how we are to be in our humanity and in our Spirit. We have the choice to be as He that is in us or be as those whitewashed tombs. We can be love that lives in us or be knowledge without actually knowing Him that is in us, as us. Your fruit is in this, love is sweet and beautiful! It is the very essence of who you are, you just have to tap in to it, know that you are one with Him. You are love, can be love and be loved, because that is exactly how He made you.

The Captive Mindset

   A captive mindset is one that believes what it is being told by someone, whom it has deemed as being more knowledgeable or more powerful, has all the answers. In this mindset, the person gives up all of their will to seek out answers on their own. They have a tendency to not question those they have put in authority over their mind. Their own thoughts of a different idea or possibility, is quickly removed by the power of that one or ones they have put over them. The ability to think or act upon these thoughts and questions has been pushed back and subdued by the captor. Even if the captive mind finds the courage to ask why or speaks out differently, it is quickly put into its place of its less than capabilities. It will except the answers or different idea as the truth and go on its false identity of happiness. It doesn’t even know it is a captive, because of its belief of being less than the captor.

   How is this possible? How does someone capture a mind? It is the simplest and oldest tool in the world, fear! The most obvious example is someone who is battered, especially physically but it also can be phycological. A person physically abused will eventually submit to the authority of the abuser out of fear of the pain both body and mind. They submit to their own thoughts of, they are obviously superior and will keep returning even if it doesn’t make any sense of going back. 

   Fear, however doesn’t have to physical in order to impose its will on the mind. I will leave you, I will take away my love or you will be condemned. I have personally walked through all three of these. In a failed marriage, in an family relationship and in a church family. My focus today is on the church. I am not here to beat up or blast the church, but for me and my opinion it has created a bunch of captives and slaves. Its claims of setting you free and reconciliation comes at a cost, your mindset. You have to turn over your thoughts and ideas and follow this doctrine and theology in order to be part of its family. Anything thought of or stepping outside the box they have built around God, is grounds for punishment and possibly dismissal. They will pull away their love, the support and their unity. That is unless you fall back in line to where you are supposed to be. Now not all churches are this way, but once again it is my view of my own life. 

    The “church” as a building or human entity has been using fear for thousands of years. You can go way back to the days of the Pharisees and see how they used fear to control the mindset of the people. Give, sacrifice and do or God will bring His wrath upon you and your family, maybe for generations. They didn’t talk much of going to Hell, it hadn’t been invented yet. Hell came later and is still used as the greatest manipulative tool in the box, right along with Satan. The “church” has a job to save you from Hell and to teach you to battle Satan. In this though, they have to get your mind right(right along with them). They have to take an age long teaching and convince you that this is the truth. Once they do this, once the fear of eternal torment and the wiles of the devil has been set in place, the fear based mindset, the captive mindset has been shackled and you now are controlled. You are now told if you do not do, these bad things will happen. If you don’t battle, Satan will control your life. If you do not repent, ask for forgiveness and give, Hell awaits. 

   Here, once again my thoughts, is my issue. Using the majority base theology, if I am saved by accepting Jesus, how can I go to Hell? If God says He is in control and that He is my protection and comforter, how can Satan get into my life? How is this possible and why is it taught over and over and over. It is how your mindset is captured. The fear of, they are right, they know more and I lack the ability to see anything other than what they tell me is so. Here is a truth, they believe it too. Why, the same reason that others do. When they questioned it, someone above them told them it was so and they stepped inside the box and are still there today. 

   When I finally broke away from this mindset, when freedom was at hand and I saw the Kingdom, the shackles fell off. When I no longer battled Satan, he no longer showed up. When I learned of the illusion of Hell, I no longer feared and love filled the void. I then grew into something more, I then saw things from a different perspective, God’s perspective! I see God in all things, even the captive mindset. I see love in everything! I am able to see”evil” and “bad” as no more than a false identity. I see my own identity, the one that lets me rest in the Father, the one that lets me love people where they are. This is the fruit of freedom, of being free indeed! Since my wife and I don’t battle, we don’t get attacked by an adversary of any kind. Yes life happens, but we walk through it with love and grace, as He is. When the truth was revealed to us of the illusion of Hell, by God, it set us free to seek the I Am in all things. We are not broke, we are not in turmoil and we are not in fear. All these things that were taught to us, these things that would happen from a god of wrath, from an entity of evil, they haven’t happened, they can’t happen. 

   This is my truth, this is my walk with the Father. I’m not here to change your mind, not here to push my agenda on you. I am just writing down what is happening in my life. I am just putting to words the love and freedom of how God shows up in my life! I Am free today, I Am as He that is in me. I Am one with the Father and I Am able to be. I have found my identity in I Am.

A View from Who’s Perspective

   When we do not have eyes to see or ears to hear, we are caught up in our own ego of the “need” to be right. Even though the truth is right in front of us, that which we have believed for so long as being the truth, takes precedence over everything else. If I believed my whole life in something, if it was my truth for many years, it is ingrained in me, it is part of who I am. If asked to believe or shown something different, it could be and often is taken personally as an attack on who I am. This creates a defensive posture and a quest to prove that I’m right. Why do I need to prove this? Because I view what is being said to me as this, my life is a lie. We will gather up our facts, sit down with our truth and plan our defense as if we are going to court. We object to anything that contradicts our truth, we deny any facts or ideas contrary to our truth and we will even result to badgering or talking over anything that could alter our mindset to our truth. 

   Now, lets make it about religion or spirituality… yep, people will lose their minds!

All of the above paragraph is true about those whom have been set in their religious mindsets., some don’t even realize they are religious. They have been taught this, read it this way and believe it to be that and only that. It is all they have known, the way they lived and no one will change their minds, not even Jesus. Thats right, not even Jesus. Isn’t that what He came to do? He came to change our minds of how we see God, how we are living our lives and what the truth and the light really looks like. Isn’t that what He said, isn’t that who we are supposed to be? 

   We have been taught that Jesus came to wash away our sins and to reconcile us with God. Is that true or our truth? Is that what He was teaching or what we are teaching for our own sakes? First we have to believe we are sinners and God sees us that way. Second we have to believe we are separated from Him and need to be forgiven for both. If you are taught this and make it your truth, then you will spend your life trying to get back into Grace with our Father. You will need to do things like repent, say a prayer and give out of obligation. These are the laws set down and you must follow them in order to be right with God. Does any of these things sound familiar? 

The Pharisees had Jesus right in front of them and could not see nor hear Him past there own idea what truth is. Their own mindset of who they are and what they needed to be was challenged by Him. He is the light and the truth, but yet they saw a liar and a sinner. Why? Because their whole life was being challenged, not  just their beliefs,  but what they had lived for and as. They were groomed for this, the law was their life! It was time to take it to court. 

   I could lay out the verses of all the ways they challenged Him. I could tell you of His responses to them. If I did, I would be telling you my truth. I ask you to look for yourselves, read it from the Jesus in you, not the sinner. It changed how you read and view the teachings of Jesus. In my opinion the greatest teacher of truth. 

   I will interject my opinion on just a few things God has had me walking out. Lets talk a moment about our sins being washed away by the blood. If you believe that God saw or sees you as a sinner, then you must have the law of a blood sacrifice to wash you clean. Who called for His blood, His death? Was it the disciples or the Pharisees? Was it the law or the love? Was it those whom felt they were separated or those whom knew a truth beyond the law? Did Jesus come to cleanse your soul or renew your mind? Your truth of where you are, is in your answers to these questions. Here is the beauty of it, God has you right where He needs you and Jesus, the truth, is setting you free! One other thing I want to point out, a non-Jew, a gentile washed his hands of the blood, of the innocent blood. Why did Pilate do this? Think on that a moment… the blood was not His to claim. 

   They other thing is this, the Bible was written by men. It was written in their time and their mindsets of the story of their lives. Although I believe with my heart, it was influenced by God and it is needed, but there are truths I needed to research. These are some truths that God said to me, who wrote it? What is their back story? When was it written? What do you see when you read it? How are you reading it, from flesh or spirit? When I begin to read it from a renewed mind, from the influence of Jesus and that perspective, it changes things for me. It took away a lot of things I held on to and defended. It took the yoke off of me and put rest in its place. Freedom was at hand.

   I’m not asking you to fall inline with me. This is just my view, what I’m hearing and how God is working through me. We all have a walk. We all have an understanding and we all have ears to hear and eyes to see. Lets do our best to have His perspective and walk out His Grace in all that we do. 

Why that and not this?

   We all know John 3:16, watch a football game and it will appear behind the goal post at every game. It has been taught over and over again, with whom ever is teaching it putting their spin, their message of salvation right along with it. In that message you can be assured one thing, they will tell you that if you give your life to Jesus, you will not need to worry about a thing, well as long as you do these other things also. What other things? Serve the church, repent your sins, ask daily for forgiveness and of course tithe. You will not need to sacrifice an animal anymore, Jesus took care of that part for you with His blood. But all of the old covenant things, you know the law of Moses stuff, yep that is yours to still do. 

   In my time with God, He has been showing me, in my new awakened state He has been revealing many things. He has lead me to different teachers, but never once leading me away from the Teacher. The Bible calls Him many things, Rabbi, Lord, Messiah and the most important, Son. I know that He is the blueprint for a Kingdom life, not a lifestyle, but a life! He came to free us from the law, but many out there continue to teach both sides of the covenant, old and new. Why? I’m not total sure, but I believe fear is the number one reason. But that’s a whole different teaching. 

   Here is where I’m going, before John 3:16 there is chapter that steps into something that Paul teaches a lot about later. His words are an amazing tribute to the teachings of Jesus through revelation. This chapter, shows us what Jesus is, who He is and what He really was trying to tell us. Read the following and pay attention to the highlighted part.

“He was the true Light, which doth enlighten every man, coming to the world; in the world he was, and the world through him was made, and the world did not know him: to his own things he came, and his own people did not receive him; but as many as did receive him to them he gave authority to become sons of God — to those believing in his name, who — not of blood nor of a will of flesh, nor of a will of man but — of God were begotten.”

‭‭John‬ ‭1:9-13‬ ‭YLT1898‬‬

   Not through blood, nor of the flesh, not even mans will, but of God you are given authority to be a Son! Wow! It wasn’t the sacrifice of Jesus, not His blood, but of God we were begotten. We were made heirs the the Kingdom, because God said so, not because Jesus died for our sins. Not because we repent or give our time and money, but because we believe we are. No sinners prayer needed, just a belief, I will go even farther in saying, knowing who you are as a Son! Why isn’t this being taught? It is right there in the same book, same book as 3:16, but I have never heard this preached. Paul talks of it a lot, it is the main topic of his revelations, in which Jesus taught him. Here is John telling you the same thing, who taught him? Jesus in the flesh. Are both of them wrong? Do we believe the made up sinners prayer or do we believe the words spoken directly to us? I am not a believer of the word being Inerrant, but I do believe that the word will give you revelation on its truth. I read the above verse and things came into alignment for me. I have a revelation being taught as I write this, I will share that as it is revealed further. 

   I want to share this with you because you are not a servant, you are not lost nor are you a sinner. If you believe Jesus was sent to teach you, then take hold of the authority and see who you were sent here as, a Son. We are an heir, you are a light, you are just as He is. All of these things are said also, in the Word. We need to stop trying to do and start being who we are. No blood, no money, not one bit of serving will give you what you already have, you are a Son. He loves you as a Son, unconditionally, with mercy and grace. Step into your authority, step into your inheritance and just be who you were sent to be! 

Do we create our enemies?

Do we create our enemies?

If we see those who don’t agree with us or have suggestions out side of our view of things, as resistance or against us, then we have created an enemy where a friend is standing. These things come out of past hurts, past situations that we have not healed from. We see enemies around every corner, even sitting in our living rooms. We label them, we conclude on their motives and miss out on their love. We put them in a basket, lump them in with all the others that came before them, not seeing the common denominator of our own suspicious mindset. Our view is through the veil of pain instead of through the freedom of love. We talk about love, teach about freedom, we even scream forgiveness from the mountain top, but this is all a mask of appearance to keep the picture perfect and the pain hidden. We keep even those closest to us at arms length, never letting them to close. We don’t let them see us, we don’t let them in, because we see an enemy instead of a friend. We are always looking for their ulterior motive instead of love in what they’re saying. We wait to see what we have predetermined them to do, happen. Then when given the slightest bit of evidence to our preset conclusion, we jump up and say see I knew it! Well of corse we did, we had them set up in our minds to fail, to be exactly what we wanted them to be. Once again we miss it, we don’t see how they were sent to help, we only see the enemy, the pain and our twisted view on love. We see love as you agree with me or you’re the enemy. We may say different, but it’s that lie that makes us appear healthy to others and ourselves. Seriously, should a real friend believe everything I believe, follow what I follow and do everything the way I say it should be done? How can they possibly care or love me if they don’t? Is that what we really want? If so, then we will remain stagnant and closed off from growth.
What has to happen is we need to open ourselves up. We have to take a look at us, self inventory is tough, but healing from emotional trauma only happens when we see our part and let go of theirs. True healing comes from forgiveness and an open heart. Grace goes along way! Having pure Grace for those in your life is one of the most important things you will ever have and do. It’s not something you can talk about, it’s something you have to do. It’s not something you believe others should do. It’s not just something you teach, it’s something you need to be an example of. No one can heal this except you and God, but you have to let Him help you. You see He is the example, He is unconditional love, He has already forgiven you, before and without asking. He is the perfect example of Grace, no matter how many time you mess up, He is still there. We can do it too, we just have to want to. It’s not easy, I still miss the mark, but today I see it quicker and heal faster. It’s a God thing, it’s a Spirt thing, it’s a love thing.
If you take a trip into your past and you feel resentment in past relationships, if you feel any other way than forgiveness and love, you are not healed. If you look upon someone’s actions today and it awakens past conversations, past actions of others or opens an old wound in the present relationship, you are not healed. I’m not saying that you have to go hang out with people who legitimately did something to you, but I am saying that forgiveness, true forgiveness goes along way in your healing.
When you take that trip down memory lane, do you see a pattern? Do you see the same repetitive things happening over and over again? If so this is the place you stop and reflect on what is your part in it. How do you act, do you react or respond? Do you see the past or the present? Do you have resentment or Grace? There are times I have to take a step back and ask my self this question. If I do feel angry or hurt, why? My response will be different if I see why I feel this way. If I don’t, then it becomes a reaction, no heart in it, just a mindset action.
The next thing we must look at is their intentions. Are they purposely trying to hurt me? Are they wanting to see me fail? Is the truth that they love me enough to speak honesty. Do they see me and want more for me? Do I see their heart through my own pain? Knowing the intentions of the heart of the person in front of you is important. Knowing that by the fruit they have brought into your life is key to knowing those intentions. This is when we will see that we are healing or healed, when we are able to see friends instead of foes. When we can ask questions to their intent instead of concluding on them. It when we realize the enemy has been inside our own head and has distorted the truth of who they are because of who we are. You are not broken, not everyone has failed you and only your heart can see the truth. Forgive, let go, be complete! Be just as God made you!

Battle or Rest?

Fear is always hungry, all it wants to do is eat and grow, it is it’s only purpose. It’s purpose can not be manifested without your help. As we move through our lives we project these frequencies into the world. We feed the beast and call it the devil. Fear is the enemy, it is that simple. The greatest battle ever waged was the one in our own minds. The enemy with in is fed by our own belief. We give it power over us, it grows only by the amount of food we give it. It has been the source of our own self manipulation. We don’t want to believe that we do this to ourselves, so we create an outside source to be the determining factor of why we are afraid, of why things are the way they are. We give credit to a self made manifestation and take no responsibility for it. We go to church on Sunday, sit down and plug the IV in and get fed that which we want to hear, it’s not your fault. Keep fighting the good fight! One day the battle will be worth it, you will slay the enemy and all will be right in your world. 

   All is right in the world now, if you see God in everything. Resting in the Father is seeing what it is He is showing you. It is the lessons, the wisdom of seeing His ways and what He is doing. 

   If I look upon the present situation as an attack, then I will develop a posture to perform, to battle. If I look at it from God’s perspective, through the lens of Grace, I can then take comfort in the relationship and in His understanding. If I grow from it instead of defeating it I gain wisdom instead of knowledge. You will defeat it, you are more than a conqueror, but you will also have to battle it again. You will gain knowledge of how to battle, instead of the wisdom to rest and let Him battle. The real understanding comes when you realize He doesn’t battle, He is victorious already. Wisdom then tells you this, because He is in you, you are also already victorious! 

   If you are standing on the battlefield with your teacher, you are gaining knowledge of how to fight. If you are resting in the arms of your teacher, you are gaining wisdom of the power that is within you. Wisdom of love and of Grace. 

   Knowledge keeps you busy, knowledge gives a false sense of control, working for knowledge keeps you striving and tired. Wisdom on the other hand, gives you peace, comfort and divine rest. Unlike we have been taught, God is not a God of war, He is the God of peace. He doesn’t want you to fight, He wants you to have peace. This all goes back to the beginning of this, if you feed fear, you will feel the need to fight. If you feed Grace, you will not feel need at all, you will just be love, just like He is.