Duality, the conflict

To believe you are body and spirit gives power to the body that it does not have. The subconscious mind is part on of the body. If I believe that my existence is of both body and Spirit, then I must recognize both as being. I will then split time in an effort to maintain the existence of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where ego lives, it only has that which it has experienced to draw off of. If I say that it is part of the one, then that part must come along with it. The body comes from the place of experienced, as it already has been, I Am is that which lives in the awareness of now, the existence of the moment. Ego says, “but those things that happened, that which happened to you, is who you are”. To remain in the belief of body as part of wholeness is to believe in the subconsciouses as part of I Am. If there is truly only one I Am, is it body or Spirit? I have questioned this very thing several times. I have listened to multiple views on this, but I keep returning to the same place, which is insanity. If I believe my body, that which I Am aware of, is part of I Am, then how can I observe it. Meaning, I can not observe I Am, but I can look upon the body, the mindset of the body. I can not change I Am, but I can change the body, the mind. So is the body to be experienced or is it the experience? I Am is, the body and the mindset are. “Is” and “are” may look similar but they are not. Although we may believe and feel indestructible, in the form of the body, the truth is it is not. Do you experience pain? Does it fall ill? Do you feel negative feelings? Does I Am experience any of that or does the body? Once we truly embrace and immerse in the power of I Am, we no longer  will see the things the body believes as truth. Awareness of the body, proves that it is separate, one Spirit as He is, does not include the body. Does the source of all creation have a body? Does He experience through your body or His own? When we talk about I Am, do we say body and Spirit or do we spirtbody? 

   I believe as we we walk in the fullness of I Am, we no longer will recognize the body as anything more than a servant. A loyal friend who moves us about to distribute the Love of I Am. Like a truck full of all the goodness that the body needs, the body does the same for the Spirit. When we approach the completeness, when we are aware as I Am, we will not fear, illness or pain, even as they happen to the body. We will not fear death or the destruction of the body, because we know that it is not who we are in the truth of I Am. I Am can not get an illness, I Am does not fear, I Am does not reflect, get angry, feel flustered or face death. I Am is eternal, it is existence and is in total awareness of, not awareness of what was, only the body is. Our subconscious tells us it is part of the whole being so that it can survive, its existence depends on it. The ego has only what was as a reality, it is not aware. The body carries scars , the subconscious has scars, but I Am has none, it is only that which is, it is the presence of Love, that frequency, that vibration, that power! To be conscious, Christ consciousness is to rest in that which is, not was. 

   If I cut off my hand, pluck out my eye, is I Am affected or is the body? Are both? Why did Jesus say to do these things to the body if it caused you to sin? If a bullet pierced your heart and your body returns to dust, where does your Spirit go? To dust? I Am not this body, I Am not this mind, I Am not yesterday’s experiences to whuch this bodies mindset tells me is so. I Am! I Am that which shows up in the moment, I Am the safe place, I Am the frequency and vibration of Love! I Am… 

Spiritual Teenager

There is an awkwardness about you, in you. You feel like a teenager again as life is changing around you, as you change the life arond you. You feel things differently, you see things differently and you want to grab hold, but you resist just as the teenager does. Is it love or lust, is it both? Lust is desire to be with, to unite, love is to be present with, to merge into joyousness. It is ok to have both of these feelings towards Him. It is ok to see yourself united as one being, to desire more of Him. This love and understanding of an unconditional nature is truth of the purist form. You need not feel shame or guilt of these feelings. Just as you went through puberty as a human, spiritual puberty is a must. You need not fear this change, embrace who you are becoming. Just as you could not stop it in your human form, you not stop what God is doing with you in your spirit. Resistance to it prolongs to truth of your identity. The one spirit, the consciousness of your divine nature, is upon you. The kingdom is within you. You are as He is. You’re here to to awaken those( reproduce ) the manifestation of sons to His divinity, to their divinity. This season is the growth-spurt of understanding your truth, your true nature and as you mature you will be shown your purpose. Awaken sleepers, to your true identity, to the reconciliation of the Oneness, to wholeness and the completeness of God.

Truth… salvation or awakening

Jesus says to him, I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father if not by Me.  JOHN 14:6 Concordance 

   When you seek truth in spiritually, this will be most likely one of the verses that will enter your thoughts. This is the way it is written in the Concordance version. There are many translations, most say, “except through me”. This minor change in word, has had a dramatic change in theology. It has been used to alter the truth and perception of the verse. I would like to give you my understanding of this 


   I will be using the Concordance to show you how I read this verse and will explain what my perception of what it is saying means.

   The Way: it seems simple enough, it is the path, but it is more than that. The word for “way” also means journey. I believe Jesus was telling us that how He moved through this realm, is the blueprint for how we should, how we are supposed to. 

   The Truth: we all believe we know truth from the untruth, fact and fiction. The word for truth in Greek is Aletheia, it carries different translations into English; truth, but not merely truth as spoken; truth of idea, reality, sincerity, truth in the moral sphere, divine truth revealed to man, straightforwardness. Let us focus on the underlined definition translation. Jesus came to show us what the Father is doing. He came to reveal what God’s true nature is. He was walking the earth as man and as God, that which is in Him. He came to show that God is love, not wrath, not intimidating or vengeful. Jesus condemned no one to Hell or struck them down for unbelief. He was here to be as the Father, our Father and Jesus loved even through His torment, temptation and death. The truth is that, He is love and so are we, divine truth. 

   The Life: the word Zoe, in Greek is translated into life. The Concordance defines it this way; life, both of physical (present) and of spiritual (particularly future) existence. So what was Jesus saying, this is who you are on both sides of the fence, Heaven and earth. That this is life as one entity. When you awaken to the way, to the truth, your life is as it is in the Heavenly realms. It is saying, both present and future existence is one and the same. We in our human experience have chosen to separate the two, but the reality is we are as He is right here, right now. This shell of the human body is not our true life, we are spirit first and that is life. Make sense? 

   Lets look at the last line in its entirety; No one comes to the Father if not by Me. When I asked God, so what does this mean, it seems like salvation when I read it. He said to me, this isn’t the salvation line, its the direction to relationships. The Greek word for me is, are you ready… “ego”. It translates to “I”. What I believe Jesus is telling us is, that you, me as one spirit, as spirit are the way to the Father. We are the answer to that relationship. It is not by saying a prayer to Jesus for salvation, it is by connecting as the one spirit to Him. It us recognizing who you are as spirit and seeing you as you are. It is the development of the Christ consciousness, to be aware of not humanity, but of that Spirit within you. It is seeing the I Am in you and and awakening to the fact of you are love. You are not sin, never were. You are not bad, evil or less than, never have been. You have only been awakening to your true identity (truth) by walking out this journey (way) and seeing who you really are(life), love! You are casting out the demons of the mistaken identity, you are defeating the adversary of your own mind and becoming who you truly are, I Am. 

   You are made in His image, you are as He is, you are the light of the world. Do you not see the trend in scripture? Is it not the same as He is described? You are being born again, no doubt, but not in the form of salvation but into you true identity of that which you always were, life, spirit, love! It is at that moment that you awaken to relationship of self, to Him, all as one, that you birth into whom you are… Who you have been… And who you will always be.