Duality, the conflict

To believe you are body and spirit gives power to the body that it does not have. The subconscious mind is part on of the body. If I believe that my existence is of both body and Spirit, then I must recognize both as being. I will then split time in an effort to maintain the existence of the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where ego lives, it only has that which it has experienced to draw off of. If I say that it is part of the one, then that part must come along with it. The body comes from the place of experienced, as it already has been, I Am is that which lives in the awareness of now, the existence of the moment. Ego says, “but those things that happened, that which happened to you, is who you are”. To remain in the belief of body as part of wholeness is to believe in the subconsciouses as part of I Am. If there is truly only one I Am, is it body or Spirit? I have questioned this very thing several times. I have listened to multiple views on this, but I keep returning to the same place, which is insanity. If I believe my body, that which I Am aware of, is part of I Am, then how can I observe it. Meaning, I can not observe I Am, but I can look upon the body, the mindset of the body. I can not change I Am, but I can change the body, the mind. So is the body to be experienced or is it the experience? I Am is, the body and the mindset are. “Is” and “are” may look similar but they are not. Although we may believe and feel indestructible, in the form of the body, the truth is it is not. Do you experience pain? Does it fall ill? Do you feel negative feelings? Does I Am experience any of that or does the body? Once we truly embrace and immerse in the power of I Am, we no longer  will see the things the body believes as truth. Awareness of the body, proves that it is separate, one Spirit as He is, does not include the body. Does the source of all creation have a body? Does He experience through your body or His own? When we talk about I Am, do we say body and Spirit or do we spirtbody? 

   I believe as we we walk in the fullness of I Am, we no longer will recognize the body as anything more than a servant. A loyal friend who moves us about to distribute the Love of I Am. Like a truck full of all the goodness that the body needs, the body does the same for the Spirit. When we approach the completeness, when we are aware as I Am, we will not fear, illness or pain, even as they happen to the body. We will not fear death or the destruction of the body, because we know that it is not who we are in the truth of I Am. I Am can not get an illness, I Am does not fear, I Am does not reflect, get angry, feel flustered or face death. I Am is eternal, it is existence and is in total awareness of, not awareness of what was, only the body is. Our subconscious tells us it is part of the whole being so that it can survive, its existence depends on it. The ego has only what was as a reality, it is not aware. The body carries scars , the subconscious has scars, but I Am has none, it is only that which is, it is the presence of Love, that frequency, that vibration, that power! To be conscious, Christ consciousness is to rest in that which is, not was. 

   If I cut off my hand, pluck out my eye, is I Am affected or is the body? Are both? Why did Jesus say to do these things to the body if it caused you to sin? If a bullet pierced your heart and your body returns to dust, where does your Spirit go? To dust? I Am not this body, I Am not this mind, I Am not yesterday’s experiences to whuch this bodies mindset tells me is so. I Am! I Am that which shows up in the moment, I Am the safe place, I Am the frequency and vibration of Love! I Am… 

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