Battle or Rest?

Fear is always hungry, all it wants to do is eat and grow, it is it’s only purpose. It’s purpose can not be manifested without your help. As we move through our lives we project these frequencies into the world. We feed the beast and call it the devil. Fear is the enemy, it is that simple. The greatest battle ever waged was the one in our own minds. The enemy with in is fed by our own belief. We give it power over us, it grows only by the amount of food we give it. It has been the source of our own self manipulation. We don’t want to believe that we do this to ourselves, so we create an outside source to be the determining factor of why we are afraid, of why things are the way they are. We give credit to a self made manifestation and take no responsibility for it. We go to church on Sunday, sit down and plug the IV in and get fed that which we want to hear, it’s not your fault. Keep fighting the good fight! One day the battle will be worth it, you will slay the enemy and all will be right in your world. 

   All is right in the world now, if you see God in everything. Resting in the Father is seeing what it is He is showing you. It is the lessons, the wisdom of seeing His ways and what He is doing. 

   If I look upon the present situation as an attack, then I will develop a posture to perform, to battle. If I look at it from God’s perspective, through the lens of Grace, I can then take comfort in the relationship and in His understanding. If I grow from it instead of defeating it I gain wisdom instead of knowledge. You will defeat it, you are more than a conqueror, but you will also have to battle it again. You will gain knowledge of how to battle, instead of the wisdom to rest and let Him battle. The real understanding comes when you realize He doesn’t battle, He is victorious already. Wisdom then tells you this, because He is in you, you are also already victorious! 

   If you are standing on the battlefield with your teacher, you are gaining knowledge of how to fight. If you are resting in the arms of your teacher, you are gaining wisdom of the power that is within you. Wisdom of love and of Grace. 

   Knowledge keeps you busy, knowledge gives a false sense of control, working for knowledge keeps you striving and tired. Wisdom on the other hand, gives you peace, comfort and divine rest. Unlike we have been taught, God is not a God of war, He is the God of peace. He doesn’t want you to fight, He wants you to have peace. This all goes back to the beginning of this, if you feed fear, you will feel the need to fight. If you feed Grace, you will not feel need at all, you will just be love, just like He is.

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