A not so random thought

Just a not so random thought… I wonder how many people rebelled against the stay at home, stay away from family gatherings this weekend. I wonder how many chose to not follow the law. These same people who look down on drug users, people who steal, people who commit domestic violence and all the other law breakers, have now joined into committing criminal acts. What’s the difference, they will say it didn’t hurt anyone, it was about family or community. Time will tell won’t it.
We walk in a self righteous state, condemning those who do things that we don’t agree with, but in our minds we justify our actions with self serving excuses of righteousness. What happens when we only see our selves in what we are doing is we become unable to see the effect of our actions on others.
Here is a question, what happens if just one of your friends or family members were carrying the covid virus? Now if there were 10, 20 or more people gathered in your group, what does that look like? What if you are an essential worker? Haven’t you now put those people at risk? Their families? What about when you go shopping, I bet you don’t wear a face mask, so now you have put all those people at risk. Haven’t you?
We are so quick to condemn and stand in conviction of others. We look upon their law breaking as being selfish, appalling and evil. The Bible says no sin is greater than the other. But, when we look at ourselves, we skew that into our favor, we say well I didn’t actually kill anyone. Well, in this case you actually may have. Time will tell.
No one is without sin, I am thankful for a loving God who does not see my sin, I am grateful for the blood that washed that away. But I do know this, because I have seen it in my own life, sin judges sin. A thief goes to jail, alcohol abuse destroys the body and a speeder gets a ticket.
I have no judgement or ill feelings towards anyone for doing what you felt you must do. I do ask this of you, next time you jump up on your pedestal, your stump or climb up the stairs, remember your own actions before you start casting down conviction on others. It’s easy to see the fault in others, it’s easy to wrong in others, it is also easy to become one of the others. Grace goes along ways, so does wisdom. I believe we all need to practice a little more of both.

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