My Resurrection

I have heard so many believers say that they can look back and see God in their life before they recognized Jesus. Before they were “saved”.

Religion teaches you have no favor with God until you give yourself to Jesus, you are separated, but yet so many saw Him working in their lives before. 

Personally the fact that I’m alive is Divine. Today I look back and see God all over my life, even before my day of awakening. Why would He do that if I had not accepted His Son? Religion will tell you that you need salvation to get “right with God “. I once again ask this question, why did He show me favor before that day? Why did I live through multiple car accidents? Why didn’t I die from countless alcohol poisonings, alcohol overdoses? How did I not overdose on the large amounts of cocaine and they combinations of both? Why when I had enough of all of that life style and was ready to give up, why did He call me? You see I was sitting on a log in the woods with a gun in my hand, sobbing, I had had enough! I called out for help to pull the trigger, “God please help me”. What I got instead was a phone call, from someone whom I cannot remember. I put down the gun, climbed of that log and went home. It was my resurrection! How fitting for my life, I was on a tree and it was the beginning of my awakening.

    So, back to this question, if I had not reconciled with God through Jesus, why did He show up? Why did He show up the multiple times before? If the relationship wasn’t there yet, if my sins had not been forgiven by me speaking those infamous words of salvation, why would He save that sinner? 

   You see the story didn’t end on that log, nor did it begin there. Everything I walked through was God! The days after that day were orchestrated by Him, once again before I asked for forgiveness. I was arrested shortly after that day on the log. I was sent to AA. I saw what I now know as God in all of those amazing people in the program. They spoke life into me, even those whom were not saved. I met my now wife, who spoke life into me, before I was saved. Why would a God, whom I did not believe to have a Son, that He sent as a sacrifice for me, do all of that? Why would He do that before I knew Jesus? Why?

   I know why now, because I have been forgiven since the cross! Jesus has always been inside me! I have never been separated from a God, except in my own mind. His favor poured out on me throughout my life! Religion will say it’s because I had a divine appointment. Religion will say it’s so I could share my testimony. This is a direct contradiction to their belief system, so they must say something, even if it doesn’t make sense. They have to make an excuse even if it goes against what they themselves believe. This becomes confusing and it misleads so many. It turns away those who have not awakened to the love, power and authority that lives in them. It is the teaching of faith without works, except for this special case of Jim…

   The truth is, I didn’t do a thing to get that favor. I didn’t do a thing for God to love me unconditionally. Actually I did the opposite. I didn’t have to do a thing, why? Jesus already did it! It is finished! Today is the day of resurrection, the day Jesus showed us the awesome power of God! It is the day of good news! This is the day that we don’t have to add a thing to the cross, the day that even to death was defeated! It goes so much deeper, they is so much more to learn, to teach and to awaken to. Grace is the answer to all the questions. Look inside you, then look back at you, do you see Him there? My story isn’t special at all, but what He did for “all” is. 

   I am grateful to my Savior, for this day, for the days leading up to this day. Not just in His life, but also in my own. I am free! No separation, no bondage, just Jesus! 

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