To be kingdom minded, to be like Jesus, is to honor the spirit of the person in front of you, no matter what the flesh is doing.

   God once said to me, “to enter the kingdom leave your ego at the door”. What is the definition of ego?

: the self especially as contrasted with another self or the world

: the one of the three divisions of the psyche in psychoanalytic theory that serves as the organized conscious mediator between the person and reality especially by functioning both in the perception of and adaptation to reality

I read the above and what stands out is, the way I view myself from flesh, my Spirit and my perception of reality. My other self is my Spirit, my perception is the way I view things from those two much different places. 

   My flesh will always view things from a distorted place, a veiled reality. The hurt, the tribulations of this realm, this world. It masks us from the true identity of who we are through the multiple things that have been brought against our flesh. It sees the many things we have done to others, justifies them and we move on caught up in an illusion of no harm, no foul. What happens is our sin is now judged by the sin, self condemnation is a reality that persecutes us. It rolls around in our subconscious until it reveals itself in many ways, sometimes very ugly ways. Our actions and words will now carry that egotistical weight, we judge, we convict and condemn others. We do not see their spirit, we do not see the Jesus in them, we only see our perception of them through the lens of self. 

   What has happened to make us this way? We have been taught this, it has been learned from many different angles, even by those who have no idea that this is what they are teaching us. We have been hurt by loved ones, we have been treated poorly by those in the world and we have encountered things that have pulled the veil over our eyes to the truth of unconditional love. 

   What happens to us when we become ego driven? The first one that comes to mind is what God said to me, you cannot enter the kingdom with your ego attached. This does not mean you are not going to Heaven when you die! What it means is you will not experience Heaven right here, right now! You will get in your own way. You will manifest things not of Heaven. You will feel the pain of the past, you will seek out others who feed this. You will seek a scapegoat for all that is wrong. Satan is a great example of this, we make the decision, without consulting God and we blame the enemy for the result. We see ourselves under attack, when the true enemy was ego, self indulgence, my will over God’s. We have even blamed God for our own poor choices and we believe He has forsaken us. Once again taught perception. 

   My Spirit sees only the truth, righteousness in its purest form. After all it is Holy, it is the Spirit that is Jesus. When we are able to see the Spirit of others, see through their flesh, through the outer shell that hides their true identity, is when ego is gone and you become kingdom minded. You begin to manifest things in a whole new way. You see the righteousness in all. You see love in its purest form. There is not a part of you that says, that was great, but…  Nope, you just see their Spirit! The good, the same thing that God sees! You have just brought Heaven to earth. The best part, the reward if you will, is that you will no longer be working towards this, no striving, no mistaken identity. You will see a shift in your life like nothing ever dreamed of! You will see Him in everything. You will no longer, work, battle or fight through things. You will not just feel love, but physically see it. You will not feel the need to fix, cure or cast out other people’s problems, to feel good about your own. You will feel peace, joy, happiness and harmony in all parts of your life! This is kingdom living! Heaven on earth! Your truth, your true identity will manifest and the abundant life will be at hand. You will not have to reach for it, it will just be. People will see it on you, in you and around you. It will pour out of you like the living water that is your Father, that is who He made you to be. 

   I know it’s possible, I see it in my own life. I have not yet been able to manifest it it on a consistent level, but I do more than I did yesterday. But what I know is this, that feeling is amazing. Knowing the unconditional love and being able to give it back is Heaven! It’s joy in it finest and purest form. I also know it comes from resting in Him, no work or performance can do it. It is only by doing what the Father is doing can I bring Heaven, can I live Kingdom and can I be the true me!

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