When you come to the realization that God is in everything, that He is all, you can then put to rest the idea that you can come under attack. Shame was not known until it was taught, weakness was not known until it was named. Lack is a product conceived by shame and weakness. Fear is lacks brother, taught by man, to control your mind. 

   If I shame you, convince you of your weakness, I now prove to you your lack, which installs the fear to do better, be better, to do more. I now show you that the only way to be what you can be is to do what I say. I can use your own mindset to keep you at bay, in control. I will convince you that by redemption is the only way to reconcile with God. 

   If God is love, if His intentions towards you are Good, then how can you come under attack by anything?  He is God after all! If He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, what are you going to do to change His mind towards you? You can’t work your way to Him, He is already there. You can’t buy your way to Him, He doesn’t value money. You can attempt to pray your way to Him,  He already knows what you’re thinking. 

   What you can do is rest in Him, build a relationship with Him. What happens after that will come natural. You will love yourself. You will love others. You will praise Him out of love for Him. You will pray for others so they see Him in you and see hope is real. You will give from your heart because your heart is now the same as His. You will serve out of love, not obligation. He is love, generosity pours from Him. He is kindness, He cares for all His children. He is strength, it empowers you, He lifts you up and directs you! 

   Your enemy is your mind, you attack you! You see the negativity you were taught. You believe the lie you tell yourself. You don’t need help from an outside entity, you have man, they tell you how you don’t measure up, how you have to do more, how you are weak and that you lack. You believe them, you believe yourself over everything He has shown you.  

   Faith is not believing that there is a God, Faith is believing that a God is in you! Jesus came to show you this very thing. He was a man, within Him was God. He was Divinity and man, He saw what we fail to see. He did not allow the words and actions of others to change who and what He is. They didn’t alter His call or direction. We raise Jesus up on a pedestal like He is something we can’t achieve. The truth He was carrying is that you can do it too, you can be just like Him! That is the blueprint of truth! He died as you, you were in Him! You were crucified with Him. He did it all, you don’t have to. It is finished!! We fail to recognize this truth, Jesus is the truth and the way! 

   This is the goal, to manifest in to a Son, just as Jesus is! Sonship is here, it’s no longer being saved and working towards redemption. It is being as Jesus was when He walked the earth. It is revealing to all that God is in them and that it is time to co-create with Him. This is going to bring Heaven on earth! This is not done by working towards, but by manifesting the truth of who we are. It will be by doing as Jesus, with Jesus! The more of us that see this, walk this out, is when we will see more of Heaven and less of this world. 

   You keep hearing rival is coming. You will be told to keep working towards it. I proclaim it’s here! It isn’t an outward thing you can see, it is an inward thing you can feel! Rival is in you, it is the manifestation of Sonship. It is the outpouring from within. It is time to rise up and be who we are called to be. Don’t rely on my words, it’s in the Bible. Research it, listen to those who are teaching it, believe what your Spirit is saying to you.

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